PARS AGM´s whats the secret?

Again i have issues with PARS from the german Heli Tiger:

today our base B was about to be captured, 5 wrecks of tanks and 3 enemys . I have them in clear sight and try to aim on them but the missle lock allways witched to the wrecks. Honestly i was hovering my spot like minutes and trying but i cant get them to lock on the enemy but the wrecks only. I try also to use the sight stabilizer and activatet the laser designtor think the missles might follows it but once its fired on the wreck there is no possibility to adjust the target. i realy find this a useless missle then and i cant believe in real live this missles sux like this.

also hellfires will switch to wrecks on fire

Because its not from certain nation


They are IR guided… burning wrecks give more infrared radiation then normal tanks… Altho one would think that it would lock onto a certain IR signature and ignore the rest. But i guess not.

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