Panzerspähwagen II Ausf. Skoda

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I would like to suggest the Panzerspähwagen II Ausf. Skode or in short: Pz.Sp.Wg II AUsf. Skoda.
It would be a sidegrade to the Pz. 38 (t) n.A., as it has a very similar (but slightly better) turret, but with the same gun and gun mantlet as it and a similar hull.

The German Heereswaffenamt issued a new requirement for a fast, more heavily armored scout reconnaissance tank with 30mm Armor, 2 cm or 3,7 cm gun and a top speed of 50 km/h on 15 September 1939. The prototype tank, called by Skoda the T-15 looked like an improved Pz 38 (t), but with many differences. Overall 5 Prototypes were build.
After some more development time and a contract to build 5 prototypes, the vehicle ran into a dead end.
With delays the 5th production stopped in early 1944 as the Pz II Ausf. L was allready in mass production and won the contract. Only finished in May 1945 with work restarted in January. After the war the Czech Army looked at it in July 1946, however without any orders. It was later further developed in different versions, but stayed as drawings.

Pictures: (Click to show)


In game, it would be a sidegrade to the Pz 38 (t) n.A., while beeing better armored (similar thickness, but better designe, such as the mantlet covering the whole turret front and a more traditional cupola) same armarment, but only 50 km/h instead of 68 km/h. Overall, it would add more to the german tech tree of fast and agile playstile of light tanks and armored cars, which germany currently still lacks.

The Gun:
3,7 cm KwK 38(t) L/47 with shoulder stabilizer and a coax Mg 34, 15°/sec traverse speed
-10° to 25° elevation.
Pzgr. 34(t) APC 0,85 kg 13g Pent 741 m/s 62mm/10m
Pzgr. (t) umg. APC 0,82 kg 13g Pent 750 m/s 61mm/10m
Pzgr. 40 APCR 0,37 kg 1020 m/s 86mm/10m
Sprgr. 34(t) HE 0,62kg 27g Fp.02 745m/s

The Vehicle:
10,8 tons
Crew: 4
Top Speed: 50 km/h
Engine: 220 Ps
Armor: 8-30mm (like the Pz 38 (t) n.A.)

Panzer Tracts No. 11-2
Pruzkumne tanky Skoda T-15 a praga TNH nA
Munition der 3,7 cm KwK 38(t) L/47

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Needs the ausf. D or J in the game first.

This is Panzerspähwagen, it has nothing to to with the Panzerkampfwagen II.

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I’m saying the game needs vehicles that are more historically relevant than an obscure prototype.