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TL;DR: A German captured Belgian T-13 B3 light tank-destroyer.



The T-13 B3 was the third of the T-13 series of tank destroyers and was an overall improvement over the B1 and B2 designs. Where these two designs had rear facing weapons, the B3 featured a front facing weapon in a fully-rotating and almost fully-enclosed turret, the back being kept open for the gun breach. The development history of the T-13 B3 is fairly interesting for two reasons. First, the Belgian Armed Forces were generally already satisfied with their existing B1 and B2 tank destroyers. Second, the T-13 B3 wasn’t really a variant of the T-13 at all. The vehicle was based on the newly imported The Vickers-Carden-Loyd Light Dragon Mk. IIB and differed at the structural level from the previous two designs. Apparently, the reason it was given the B3 designation for political reasons. It was likely believed that a further development of an existing vehicle would lessen the chances of a war with Germany when compared to the development of completely new tank. Despite this, Germany still eventually made their way into Belgium and the Battle of Belgium ensued, which ended in the German occupation of Belgium. From there every operational T-13 was employed into the German army. Of course, a few of these were T-13 B3s, which the Germans designated Panzerjäger VA 802(b). The captured T-13s took on roles varying from driver training to airport security. Some of them apparently were used offensively against the remaining French Army. Many were scrapped later in the war.

Place In War Thunder:

As it stands right now, Germany has the closest ties to this vehicle, being the only country outside of Belgium to service them. The T-13 B3 is a textbook example of a fun low-tier vehicle. It’s fairly maneuverable and equipped with a weapon that is larger in caliber than many of its contemporaries, potentially causing more post-penetration damages as a result. Playstyle would be fairly similar to many low-tier light tanks we find in-game so you wouldn’t feel out of your element when playing it. I believe the best implementation for this vehicle would be as an event premium as the vehicle wasn’t too widely used for offensive purposes.


Armament: 47 mm Model 1931 anti-tank gun and 1x FN M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle

Dimensions: 3.65m, 1.87m, 1.84m (L,W,H)

Weight: 5080kg

Armor: 7-13mm

Crew: 4 (Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver)

Ammunition: AP and HE

Speed: 41kph

Horsepower: 80hp


Front View:


Three Panzerjäger VA 802(b) in a line:


Rear View:


Vehicle Profiles:



T-13 tank destroyer - Wikipedia

47 mm Model 1931 anti-tank gun - Wikipedia

Captured (Beute) Armored Vehicles

Captured Belgian, British and French anti-tank guns in the German armed forces during the Second world

Panzerjaeger VA 802(b) Char Leger Modele T.13 Type III light tank - Nevington War Museum

Belgian T13 tankette

Annxe B: Weapons, Belgian Fortifications, May 1940

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Cool vehicle but i want that 💀 as a decal now


this isn’t against you but i’m a bit confused at how this suggestion got approved as i already suggested the T.13 B3

You suggested it under “Other Nations”. This is a suggestion specifically for Germany.

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i know but it is the same vehicle, germany didn’t modify it

It does not matter if it was modified or not. What matters is that Germany operated it, thus making it valid for a suggestion under the Germany section, apart from the suggestion in the Other Nations section.

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it is the same vehicle

It’s the same vehicle suggested under a different nation. That’s all that matters.

you’re right, it’s the same vehicle, and this suggestion shouldn’t be up

Not how it works. If you have an issue, take it up with the mods. This suggestion was approved on the old forum as well, despite there also having been a suggestion for the T.13 over there.

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If a vehicle is used by multiple nations, a separate suggestion can be made for each of those nations. Its been that way forever.


i won’t take it up the mods as i said i’m just confused

I’d have to say -1 as an addition for Germany.
It isn’t one of their infamous modified captured vehicles nor is Germany lacking in the low-tier department.
I would, however, like to see it as an addition for a potential future Benelux tree.

I think that is SS insignia. Which shouldn’t be added to be honest

that’s great and completely off-topic

Yee sorry for going off-topic god i hate politics. Anyway the Totenkopf looks cool as a decal

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yeah i want totenkopf too

this censorships are really annyoing asf



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