Panzer IV Ausf. E Turmvorpanzer

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The Vorpanzer would be a nice addition as a modification to the game because the hull already got extra armor and with the turret it would get a full look and armor of 60 mm turret and hull . Some might say that would be too OP espacily at 2.0 but the french got there b1 bis With 60 mm armor and the german

extra armor got even some holes where only 30mm are " active " shown on the 1st picture circled in red and some other armor values based of the tank already in the game and the informations about the

" Vorpanzer " from the side : Tank Archives: Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf. D through E

i know this is a " Private webside " ( i think ) but that is only a english translation of the orginal from Yuri Pasholok and he wrote it on Всё ещё на вторых ролях |

there is also the information where it came from

  • Panzer Tracts No.4 Panzerkampfwagen IV, Thomas L. Jentz, Hilary Louis Doyle, Darlington Publication, 1997, ISBN 0–9648793–4–4
  • PzKpfw IV and its Variants 1935–1945. Book 2, Walter J. Spielberger, Thomas L. Jentz, Hilary Louis Doyle, Schiffer Publishing, 2011, ISBN 978–0–7643–3756–7
  • Фотоархив автора

Books and Pictures related. I forgot the sides of the " Vorpanzer " are 20 mm thick


another link where you can see a Vorpanzers


great tank with high armour and firepower

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I think this at 2.0 is a terrible idea. B1 Bis is also 2.3, not 2.0. Even then, at 2.3 the Pz IV has a far better gun and mobility than the B1 Bis.

You’d be looking around 2.7, and better comparing it to something like the Valentine XI.

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id actually play this lol

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“Some tank units attempted to make their own tank armour in early 1941, but orders from the top told them to stop. Nevertheless, another modification known as Vorpanzer appeared. It featured massive applique armour on the front of the turret. PzIV Ausf. D, E, and F tanks were modified in this way. It appears that Vorpanzer tanks were used exclusively by the Großdeutschland tank division. There are claims that these tanks were only used for training, but front line photographs discredit the idea.”

Adding the Vorpanzer package to the TT Pz IV E and F1 would heavily disrupt BR 2.0, and could lead to those vehicles being moved up. Better I think to create a separate PzKpfw IV Ausf.D mit Vorpanzer with Div. Großdeutschland markings as a Premium.

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I didnt suggest the F, only the E, which has the hull armor allready, also the D and E are near identical armor wise, with the difference of having a 20mm add on lower plate instead of solid 50mm, so no difference gameplaywise. And overall it would have 50-60 mm turret frontal armor with weakpoints, while the F1 is 2.0 allready anyway with a uniform 50mm frontal armor.

Sorry, I see now you were only referring to the E.

I agree that the Vorpanzer armour package is a good thing to include in the game, but not as a modification for a TT vehicle. It would lead to every spaded E having the Vorpanzer pack and skewing the numbers at BR 2.0.

I suggest the D only because there is not yet a D ingame, it could just as well be an E. Your own source states that only the Div. Großdeutschland used Vorpanzer, so a premium or event vehicle with a historical skin makes more sense to me.

You should really suggest the F1 with the vorpanzer so it can be a nice counterpart to the uniform 50mm frontal armor Panzer III J/L/M with vorpanzer. In fact here is this picture:

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