Panzer III Ready Rack

Hey, quick question. When did the Panzer III get its Ready rack?

when gajin decided it needed another nerf

Well, the ready rack is quite generous, not much of a nerf unless you run out of the ready rack.

Still a nerf. Ready racks in this game are just there for nerfs.

The time it takes to fill is utterly randome even if we have sources on that (and there are almost none) and they defy physics.
For example. the Swedish 2.7 SPAA uses a Bofors 40mm gun. It has 0.1s reload to load a clip and can fire until the barrel melts
The Begleitpanzer 50 uses a 50mm bofors using the exact same loading mechanism of 4 round clips being pushed into a guide rail which feeds the gun. There it takes the one guy who has no other job but to fill that rack up 3.7s for a single round. And he only reloads when you do not fire. Which is also not realistic as most tanks refilled their racks during combat. As the Radio op would be free to do so in most cases.

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True, the racks aren’t replenished when they’re fired…

Lemme check with one of the Youtubers I watch who was a tanker, I’ll ask him how that was done, replenishment during firing.

Well it depends on the tank. The firefly could only replenish outside of battle because the rounds would need to be taken out of the front and lifted up into the turret.
My point is only that the entire mechanic is there as a way to balance vehicles and nothing more

According to Panzer Paw:

So, the ‘ready rack’ in the turret is what we referred to as an “ammo bunker” and since the hull rack was all the way at the front, the only way for the loader to easily reload it would be is the turret was traversed to the 3 o’clock position or thereabouts. So, you’d only really be able to do it out of combat and definitely not while on the firing position.

however, this is the Leopard 2, so I don’t have any solid info on other vehicles with ready racks, but from research, all tanks have to replenish the rack outside of combat.

All modern MBTs do.
But again the Pershing would probably not need to unless the secondary rack would be empty as well, as this one was situated right below the ready rack.
Then there are the ones armed with smal calibre autocannons like the Begleit.

I am not opposied to the simplification. I am opposed to the system by itself as it is a non reality matching balancing system which clearly is used only to balance vehicles yet if you ask for it to be used as such Gajin demands sources.

Ready racks only exist to nerf vehicles and artificially balance vehicles… their intense hatred for Japan and the Type 89 made them put in a ready rack that required over 4 minutes to refill after emptying it in 20 seconds or whatever, it’s a joke.

Alternatively it’s placing ammo racks at horrible locations, like in the Tiger 1 or Tiger ll to ensure death every single time.

Its a 57mm gun. But yeah, the ready rack is annoying.

This is a really good point, we could make it so that the ready rack gets replenished in stages, for example, if you got to 25% done on replenishment and you fired, there would be a few seconds (maybe 10) delay and then it resumes, same with 50%, and 75%. These stages could be 25% (Picking up shell) 50% (Handing it to the loader or someone inside the turret, if nobody is able to take the shell, skip this step) 75% (Placing it in the ready rack). After this happens, and your replenishment finishes, the replenishment starts over again, or stops.

But the turret needs to be in a certain position in order to access the shells.

On some tanks, others don’t need that. So make it so that the turret has to be in said position for process to start. Also add this to every tank, not just some.

They either need to make it universal, or remove it completely

The thing is. They use it as a soft balance tool, yet demand solid historical proof for changes.

but they also deny solid proof whenever they feel like it.

The Centurion Mk 3 is a good example. There are multiple videos and manuals stating the rate of fire suistainable for 10,15 and at times 20 rounds. Yet in game you can not even reach that rate of fire with a full rack and you have less ammunition in the rack than would be needed to sustain 15 or 20 rounds at the same speed as 5 rounds.
So either the rack size is wrong, or the rack could be refilled while standing still and firing.

That is because Gajin sets “first stage” as just the very first stage of storage and does not consider Main and secondary stowage.

For example in the Mk 3 Centurion. The first stage is 8 pieces. With an aditional 3 shells just below as a secondary ready rack stage and then 4 times 8 as a third stage main stowage. All of them are the “first stage” ammo rack and all of them are placed in a way to make access during combat possible and not impede rate of fire while standing still.
Then it has a secondary stowage in the front Which can only be used outside of combat.

In game you get 8 rounds an the 3 shells (with 2 backup) are counted as secondary and can not be used for full rate of fire. despite the fact that they are located in a way that makes them first stage by any standart.

It’s a nerf because it puts explode-y ammo in an efficient place that’s always available to shoot. Realistic or not, tanks that don’t have that modeled in game and can instead have all their ammo on the floor for the entire match, like a T34 or something, are at an advantage by comparison.