Panzer III Ausf. N mit Turmvorpanzer

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In game the Panzer III Ausf. N is in its new factory configuration, however it appears that the rebuild Pz III Ausf. N could keep their 20mm HHA Turmvorpanzer, which was discontinued for most tanks and allready missing on many others, where the turret frame was keept empty, because production was heavily bombed and by that ended. So i would like to suggest it, i leave open to the developers how it is implemented, as a new Pz III Ausf. N in the TT, and make the current one a unique skin, modification or whatever.

In game if a Pz III Ausf. N with the turret armor would be a great improvement as 50mm of armor at 3.0 isnt the norm nor good and all the earlyer models from Ausf. L allready have theirs.
It would give more turret protection, which considdering the hulls construction is rather important enabling it to play hull down as well as the forward extended armor gives more protection against HE shells splashing downwards into the hull as well as against the HEAT round of its greatest enemy the M4A3 105 which it also faces at 3.0 and even with 70mm armor is quite less than the M4A3 105 (which is in a sense a aquivalent)

Overall the 20mm spaced HHA came to be as the Pz III reached its weight reserves and 30mm bolt on was seen as too heavy so instead alternatives were searched for. In form of just 20mm HHA spaced 100mm away from the Hull and 50mm from the turret, which saved weight while even offerening more protection, especially against capped rounds and hollow charges.

Otherwise the Pz III will be identical to the currently in game one.

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The Gun:
7,5 cm KwK 37 L/24
-10° to +20° Elevation, 360°Traverse at 14°/sec

K. Gr. Rot Pz APCBC 6,8 kg 80 g Fp.02 und Np.10 (102,4 g TnTa) 385 m/s 52mm/10m


Gr. 38 Hl/C HEAT 4,8 kg 515 g H.10 (875,5g TnTa) 450 m/s 115mm/10m


Sprgr. 34 HE 5,74 kg 686g Fp.02 und Np.10 (878,08g TnTa) 420 m/s


The Hull:

Armour Front (Slope angle) Sides Rear Roof
Hull 20 + 50 mm Upper plate
50 mm (53°) Upper glacis
53 mm (22°) Lower plate
30 mm (74°) Lower glacis 30 mm 32 mm (44°) Upper glacis
53 mm (16°) Upper plate
53 mm (10°) Lower plate
30 mm (65°) Lower glacis 26 mm (6°) Front
18 mm Centre
15-17 mm (2-11°) Rear
Turret 50 mm (cylindrical) Turret front
20 + 50 mm Gun mantlet 30 mm (17-25°) 30 mm (conical) 10 mm (7°)
Cupola 50 + 30 mm (cylindrical) 10 mm

Weight: 23 tons
Speed: 54 km/h
Crew: 5
Engine: 300 Ps / 3000 RPM

Ebay Auction (private collection)
Thomas L Jenz

Warthunder Pz III Ausf. N wiki


I’m really confused, and just because this confusion I’m not voting against or in favor,

But, what is the idea behind this? Just Pz. III N with spaced armor?

Pz. III M has this same spaced armor you mentioned. But since I said I’m confused, still, I’m not voting against. But at the same time, great suggestion, we really need a few more WW2 vehicles because the Bf109 C-1 as the only WW2 vehicle was a really big joke for a single major update.

Well, in game it too has the Spaced armor, just not for the turret only hull and they didnt allow a suggestion for it to be a modification for the in game one, so i had to make it as a new Vehicle (and added the possibility that it may also be just a modification.)



Isn’t this more penetration than the existing Pz III N has? I just checked the wiki and the Hl.Gr 38C round has 100mm flat pen.

Wouldn’t surprise me if gaijin had it wrong, but I want to make sure.

It is the in game existing one, but by German and American source, it could penetrate up to 100mm, but at 30°, which is in game implemented at 0°.

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Ah, I see. Gaijin moment at its finest. Out of curiosity, does this extend to the long 50mm as on Pz III L and M?

No, they have both turret and hull spaced armor allready.

No no, I mean if the 30 degree penetration was erroneously implemented as if it was at 0 degrees.

They do not have the 7,5 cm Gr. 38 Hl/c. Which is a Heat shell.

I know that too, I’m asking about the 50mm PzGr39 APHE. Maybe I shoulda clarified it better…

Gaijin calculates the penetration of kinetic rounds.

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This would be a great tech tree alternative to the premium one. It’s always been disappointing to me that the last Pz.III production variant was locked behind a paywall. It’s not likely to change the BR that much, at most it would become a 3.3 like the Pz.III M, so it’s not likely to bridge any gaps in the TT, but I’d still like it in game. It could join the Pz.III L & M in their tab, or maybe the L could get tabbed with the J1 instead, with the M & Vorpanzer N sharing a separate tab. If we get any of the VK30 series proto-Tigers with their (mostly) short guns, it could also serve as a nice preparatory vehicle for new players researching the Pz.III line to reacquaint themselves with that playstyle.

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