Panzer I Ausf. C

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I would like to suggest the Pz I Ausf. C armed with the EW 141 and MG 34. While Overall the vehicle is nothing super good and the Armarment can be considdered rather weak, it would be the only real full Pz I in game, beyond Pzj I, Flakpanzer I and Panzer I Ausf. B mit 3,7 cm Flak.
It would offer a fast and nimble gameplay against other light targets (again not that powerfull armarment) and give show the beginning of the German Army tanks and completes the Number system of tanks with Pz I to Pz VIII.

In 1942 the german army wanted a light Reconnaissance tank and a took as basis the Pz I, with further improvements and modernisations. It started as part of the VK series.
Initially developed by Kniepkamp, taken over by Krauss-Maffai, the Pz I Ausf. C was developed to be fast and manuvarable.
Intended to be airborn and reconnaissance, it was only used as a standart light tank in combat, as alternatives were simply better.

Development started in August 1939 as Vk. 6.01 after Vk 5 series was seen as wishfull thinking with heavy limitations. First by Kniepkamp who befor had great success with development of fast Halftracks. However during development Kniepkamp had problems with the electic and steering unit and could not meet the timescales. After further devlopment and changes Krauss Maffai was awarded Trail production of 6 Vehicles in October 1938 with the HL 45 P engine.
After trails of the Vk 6 prototypes were over a order for 0-Serie over 40 vehicles was given, that were produced from March to September 1941, however no following orders were made after they ended overall unsatosfactory for their intended purpose.

Pictures: (Click to show)





The Gun:
7,92 mm EW 141 -10 to +20° Elevation
Semi Automatic Fire rate is as fast as you can press the trigger (In game sadly will be most likely 60 rpm, tho trained people can shoot faster (See YT or other videos).
Ammo: 7,92x94mm
S.m.K. H Rs L’Spur 14,53g Bullet and 8,65g Core 1250m/s 35mm
Pz Panzergeschoss 10,4g (full steel with copper band) 1450m/s 36mm (by Gaijins calculator)And Coax Mg 34 Gun and Ammo

Gun and Ammo (Click to show)


(Ammo existed with Teargas and without)

And Panzergeschoß (Full caliber steel round with copper driving band)

Screenshot 2024-01-05 161020

The Coax Mg 34 can also get the S.m.K H ammo with 20-22mm/10m and 19mm/100m
This would improve the armarment beyond the limited 60 rpm of the EW 141
19mm at 100m (Historic source by the british)
Gaijins Apcr calculator is faulty for small caliber ammo.
normal calculator of gaijin without APCBC modifier 20mm/10m
with (as it is a round with a lead protected nose and ballistic mantle) 22mm/10m

S.m.K.H (Click to show)


The Hull:
Length / Width / Height: 4,1 m / 1,9 m / 1,9 m
Weigh: 8 ton
Crew: 2
Speed: 79 km/h
Armor 30-5 mm
Engine: HL 45 P 150 Ps
40 Produced

Panzer Tracts No 1-1 and 1-2
Panzerkampfwagen I und II and ihre Abarten.
Panzer I & II Germanys light tanks.


+1 for two reasons.

  1. German really does need at least 1 Pz.1 in game and this would be the least helpless

  2. It a really funky little tank so I like it on general principles.


A fine addition to 1.0, and a seriously quirky one! +1

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this gonna be fun +1

+1 sure if only it was categorized as a SPAA due to it’s having 5-30mm of armor which is very thin for a tank in reserve (or possibly 1.0)The armament itself was perfect for anti air purpose instead of anti tank weaponry.

Highly doubt that, fire rate will (sadly) be limited to 60 rpm in game by gaijin, and then again, both are mere 7,92mm rounds with limited elevation of 20°

World of Tanks bias

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I’ve heard this is quite the menace in that game. Been years since I touched anything Wargaming related though.

i have no plans on playing germany but this is one of the few vehicles that would make me want to, if it gets added we will be closer to also get the panzer 2 j or even the luchs, big 1+

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