Panzer I Ausf. B mit Wurfrahmen 40

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I would like to suggest the Panzer I Ausf. B mit Wurfrahmen 40. “Stuka zu Fuß” (Stuka on Foot)
This is if not the most basic Pz I that could be added to the game, it even has the turret with 2x MG 13.
While it actively carryes only 2x Wurfrahmen 40, these can go even into the horizontal fire and the Pz I Ausf. B can get in game a Wurfrahmen 40 transport trailer with additional 6 Rockets to a total of 8 shots, like the Munitionspanzer I or a Flakpanzer I Ausf. A had a trailer IRL, which would be the same ammo amount as the SU-8-1 allready in game. This tank wouldnt be the best, however would be another way to add this firepower in a more usable way than on the Sd.Kfz.251.

The Panzer I was the first main production tank from the 1930s, developed in secrit and under a deckname of “Landwirtschaftlicher Schlepper”. It was developed along the Leichttraktor and Kleintraktor, however came out as the winner from the competition, as it was both more simple to build and more reliable, while however armed and armored lighter. This was however not seen as that big of a drawback, as the economy wasnt yet fully ready to build high capacitys of tanks in the needed scale, as such a cheaper lighter tank along the Pz II was desired, while overall they were more seen as a stop gap tank for the Main tanks Pz III and IV. While build in realtivly good numbers and available at the beginning of the War, it was also improved and trailed in other versions such as the Ausf. C with slightly stronger Armarment and the Ausf. F with 80mm Armor. However allready at the beginning they were rather outdated, however still usable in their respected rolls, as such later on they were mainly used for Training or modified into the Panzerjäger I Ausf. B, Flakpanzer I Ausf. A and Ammo carriers. Further Fieldmods with different AT guns such as 3,7 cm and 5 cm Paks as well as AA guns such as 3,7 cm Flaks were build, even one equipped with a 7,5 cm StuK 40.

With the Rockets and the S.m.K. H ammo this vehicle will be able to destroy unarmored, light armored, vehicles, Light tanks, and more through weakpoints as well as more heavy targets with the rockets.
(Which may also be a weakpoint, see Matilda Hegehog)

The Trailers could be loaded to 6 or 9 rounds making the total of 8-11 rounds available.

On the Panzer I the Wurfrahmen 40 can aim even horizontal, as opposed to the 251 as here per side only 1 is mounted and not blocked by another from depressing further, so you can even shoot enemys right in front.
This Pz I may or may not be a unique field mod.

Pictures:(Click to show)

The trailers for additional ammo:
Trailer on Pz I chassis:

The Vehicle:
Armor: 8-13mm
Turret up to 15mm
Speed: 42 Km/h
Engine: 100 Ps
Weight: 5,8 ton

2x 7,92 mm Mg 13 Either 25 Round Mags and later 75 round Double drums existed.
Ammo like in game and can also get the S.m.K.H ammo with greater penetration:
19mm at 100m (Historic source by the british)
Gaijins Apcr calculator is faulty for small caliber ammo.
normal calculator of gaijin without APCBC modifier 20mm/10m
with (as it is a round with a lead protected nose and ballistic mantle) 22mm/10m

S.m.K.H (Click to show)


The Wurfkörper:
The Ammo:(Click to show)
The 28 cm has the highes filler, the 30 cm is the fastest and usable at the closest range and the incendary has still good He filler with great Incendary filler, like incendary Bombs from planes.

While below i wrote the standart ranges, the Pz I is unique as because the rockets dont block each other can can be aimed horizontal, meaning you can aim precisely at targets at close range.

28 cm Wurfkörper Spr.


1204mm long, 82 kg, 50kg Fp.02 and Np.10 Filler (64 kg TnTa), 6,5 kg Propellant. Reaches after 160m the full speed of 145 m/s
Usage is for general open targets such as a big group of people. Range is between 750m and 1925m.
Not ideal against specific targets, except for self defence.

30 cm Wurfkörper 42 Spr.


1181mm long, 300mm diameter, 127 kg, 45 kg Fp.02 and Np.10 Filler (57,6 kg TnTa), 15,1 kg Propellant. Reaches after 240m the full speed of 230 m/s
Usage is for general open targets such as a big group of people. Range is between 500m and 4550m.
Not ideal against specific targets, except for self defence.

32 cm Wurfkörper Flamm


1282mm long, 337mm diameter, 79 kg, 40 kg Oil mixture, 1,56 kg He filler (Pent), 6,5 kg Propellant. Reaches after 160m the full speed of 145 m/s
Usage is for general open targets such as a big group of people. Range is between 750m and 2200m.
Not ideal against specific targets, except for self defence.

Handbook of Enemy Ammunition Pamphlet No.5
D 460/3+ Geschossringbuch der Infanterie Munition
D.435 Handbuch Die deutschen R-Werfer und Abgangsgeräte mit ihrer Munition
Panzer I Ausf. B Manual

+1 as it is probably our only hope to see a real Pz I in game.


I’d say no. This would be worse than the RBT-5, at least when you fire off the rockets in that it’s still a BT. This would just be firing MG’s.

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It would even be worse than the Hotchkiss with the same rockets, but I want it anyway.

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It wouldnt be worse, you still got a fast turret with 2x Mgs and 20-22 mm penetration. Thats enove for (from the front, from side even more)
T-26, T-26-4, Bt-5, Bt-7, T-28 (1938), T-28, T-60, Su-8-1, A13
Tetrach Mk I, Daimler AC Mk II, M22 (possibly), Ka-Mi, Ha-Go, I-Go Ko
And some more i am to lazy to write down.

Didn’t you say the calculator gave ~19mm? The calculator is also at point blank range and 0 degrees. That’d roughly drop to 16-17mm at 100m. Around 12-13m around 500m.

That would be very painful to use.

Well depending on how gaijin implements it.
They sayed some time ago, that the Apcr calculator doesnt work properly with small round, which they fixed by adjusting the K factor (see 15mm Mg 151/15, Dishk and 14,5mm KVPT) which i cant do with the Wiki calculator, so it would be better than the 19mm calculated.
Or they use the standart Ap/Apcbc calculator for it that gives 20-22 mm.
Or cince its still 7,92mm and other small caliber Mgs dont get calculated, it perhaps gets the historical penetration of 19mm/100m (by british source)
And from the spanish war against T-26, the T-26 could be penetrated from 150-250m/30°
So it wont be that ineffective.

Just that

  1. The Belt for the Mg 13 in game on the Nb.Fz. is wrong as it has the Ap-I ammo that ground units didnt get (P.m.K only was used on planes)


  1. We are talking about the ammo S.m.K H which has a tungsten Core and was designed against heavyer armor.

But if you would have taken a look into the suggestion, you would have seen such.

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