Panzer 4 vs Sherman vs T-34

British WW2 tank cannons are among the least accurate tank cannons in the game.

For example, the 57 mm 6 pounder cannons have maximum dispersion angles of 0.12°, over 4 times worse than something like the US 76 mm (0.027°). The 17 pounder is almost 3 times worse with 0.075°.


I dont know about the stats.
I find various brit guns to be very accurate and with decent rounds, not all but alot.
17’lber is lovely
6’lber is lovely at its br
75mm at 3.3 is nice
84mm is a beast
all great imo and my fave guns to use.

British cannons, as said, is the least accurate at longer ranges, if you get lucky enough, even at mid ranges, and that’s why I like the cruiser tanks, taking a good spot fast as possible and leaving there if a enemy reaches.

M4 can be significantly faster than Pz IV, but I’ve never seen a M4 begin better than a 75 long Pz IV and the cast chassis on the M4A1 just kills it, you can’t angle.

You mean the driver’s cupola, yes, I don’t know if it was a design intention but that thing is genuinely strong.

And they’re, and that’s where the fun begins, it’s a true challenge.

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The gun and rounds are great, you just gotta know where to shoot, and apds is high velocity so its easier.
I dont get where people are coming from.

Boi, I remember trying to hit a Pz III at like 600-800m and my shots just went all over the place.
So annoying.


Even completely unangled, it’s still got some of the best frontal armour of any tank at 3.3.

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“??” what? You would prefer that M61 with 104mm pen at 10m over PzGr 39 with 137mm pen at 10m? Both at the same BR:


Pz IV F2

Because it’s supposed to play without angling the armor, that’s why I said “you can’t angle”. The rounded corners are the frontal weak spot in this vehicle and others with the same design like the M4A1 (76) W, or M-51 Super Sherman.

That is a good point that people totally miss regarding smaller tech trees

The British cannons are by far the most abused of all, both the 6pdr, the 77mmqf and the 17pdr have a completely random precision, which usually costs you your life when trying to hit the weak point of certain tanks, since when you miss The enemy shoots you back and you die instantly. I have tested almost all the tanks of all the reserve nations at Br 7.0 and I have only felt that something was very wrong with the accuracy with the British and with the Italians with the 90mm cockerill cannon Which is also a coincidence that they only use bullets that you need to aim carefully to do damage. In fact, I have felt much more precision with the Brummbar and KV-2 than with the 6.17 and 77mm.

Best sherman for its BR is imo the swedish one. ~60mm of armor with an upgraded engine is wonderful, though unfortunately it has the early turret.

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Your sentence was incomprehensible.

The M4A1 Sherman has better firepower because it:

  • Reloads a full second faster.
  • Has better post-pen damage from having over twice the TNT filling.
  • Is stabilized, thus guaranteeing the first shot.
  • Has a 50. cal that shreds aircraft and the countless light vehicles at this BR.
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I personally have never used the 17 pounder cannon.

But I have used the US 76 which used to have the exact same dispersion. And hitting long range shots, specially if trying to hit weakspots like on the Panther’s mantlet, was highly inconsistent.

The 6 pounder I’ve used (German Churchill), and the Russian 57 also has the same 0.12 degree maximum dispersion, and it is noticeable how inaccurate those cannons are.

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lol! you have not even played them.
My point exactly.
People not even played, telling me with thousand upon thousand of battles, the complete opposite of what i experience.
The russian 57 is nothing like any brit gun.

The 57 of the churchill is at what br? its crap at that br.
The Cromwell gets it at 3.3/3.7 where it is good…

American gun is different from 17lber and uses different round - apds, firefly 17lber has longer barrel.

84mm brit can go through pretty much anything it encounters. also uses apds.

apds greatly increases your range, precision and pen. maybe use apds once in a while or even use brit tanks.


Why does it matter if I haven’t specifically played the 17 pounder when, as I stated, the US 76 mm used to have the exact same dispersion?

where are you getting your stats from?

just use it mate for god sake. Your also not taking into account the rounds.

I wouldnt tell people x or y without having even experienced it but going off some random stat I randomly got from somewhere.

Take it from me, give them a go then let me know.

Tell ya what, hang on.

Just cause something dies doesn’t change the overall performance. Accounting deaths should not be considered when looking into the Mobility, Protection, and Firepower a cannon provides.

The Panzer IV may have greater Velocity. But the reload is longer, so unless you hull down yourself into a position, you will not survive very long when exposed to the elements. While they do have smoke grenades, and some have smoke shells, you are less likely to use it when that reload might make a massive difference between being Alive or KIA.

Shermans on the other hand have good armor enough to protect them when it comes to closer engagements, as well as providing Smoke when needed forcing the enemy out of their position.

T-34’s however have pretty good speed and armor protection however they are not good in hull-down positions since that turret is just not strong enough to really protect you.



Current 17 pounder dispersion values.

US 76 mm old dispersion values, which were changed to 0.027 degrees in update

Because dispersion values do not care about rounds. All rounds fired from a specific cannon end up having the same dispersion. That’s just how the game is coded.

what ya going for ?



who is gonna be most accurate and do the damage 1st?