Panzer 4 vs Sherman vs T-34

I tried out these 3 families of tanks to see which is best.
T-34s are my favorite, good gun, armor, and mobility though the lack of pen is painful sometimes.
Shermans are ok, I like the stabilizer and ok armor and M61 shot, but it’s huge.
Panzer 4s are just meh, good gun but average mobillity and bad armor.


The Sherman isn’t THAT much larger than others, but otherwise - yes the 3 are reasonably well balanced against each other.



I find all 3 to be pretty much balanced out and enjoy using them all. Real work horses.
Panzer 4 is awesome ,great gun.Angle it like a tiger,a great tank to sit and wait in while the t34 is good for rushing in and keep moving.

M4 is underrated in game and real life.


T-34-57 is all rounder


The M4A1 Sherman is probably the strongest tank out of these four 3.3’s.

It’s got the best overall firepower, shared best armour together with the T-34, best gun handling and good survivability. It’s average mobility is the only semi-drawback it has.

I’d probably rank them as follows: M4A1 > T-34 (1940) > PzKpfw IV F2 > Cromwell I


Stab is great and individually nothing is as good as track armored m4a2 at 4.0.

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The Cromwell has like 44mm of side armor. Like with most British tanks they have armor plates bolted to an underlying structure.
Likewise the turret front armor is also not 64mm but 77mm and the sides are actually 64mm.

So the Cromwell has suprisingly good armor, that can shrug of 50mm hits when the hull is angled 45° and the turret 30° and this also works to some degree, especially the turret, against the US 75mm.

This also makes it frontally immune against a lot of SPAA.

The Cromwell is probably somewhat underrated because people think it has bad armor and a weak gun. But the mobility makes it pretty effective and is a lot tougher when you angle it correctly.


You should compare the area presented above an immaginary line of 1m height from the ground, as that is what really counts. If you do that, you will be able to quantify what we all intuitively feel: that M4 Sherman is a bigger target and easier to hit than the other two tanks

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The dome turret seriously bounces some rounds in game though.

I agree with you, but it is what always happens in this game, a tank can have good performance, decent armor and above all mobility, which is what gives it more possibilities to attack enemies from its side, but as a gaijin it does not give it damage decent at Full AP makes it a mediocre vehicle in which in many cases you have no chance against tanks from the side, since when piercing it does not damage anyone and the enemy only has to turn and fire its APHE to give you an instakill, for For example, it is extremely common for the fuel tanks of the KV and T34 to completely stop the damage of the Full AP bullets.

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My personal:
1- Panzer 4, due to GREAT gun

2- T-34 , great mobility and decent armour. The gun takes mastery but works well when mastered.

3- M4 , doesnt really appeal to me, mid mobility, mod gun and mid armour.

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T-34s are the speed guys with good armor good ammunition post-pen power but mediocre penetration,

M4s are the slow but surely ones, can take a while to reach the front but they got some advantage like the vertical stabilization,

Pz IVs are modest, even with flat 90° 80mm of armor they can sometimes hold some shots if using add-on armor, the Bef Wg Pz IV are surely my favorite of this family, good cannon but lacking of armor, decent mobility.

But personally, I would take the Pz IV even not getting that good armor, no stabilization at low speed or good acceleration, surely they can do something, in general, it would be like if a M4 and a T-34 had a baby.

Cool looking tank (if it had the exhausts would be even better, looking like a spoiler in a sport car):


Maybe my favorite cruiser tank in British tech tree. I like how it can go fast like crazy and take a good spot in a short period of time.

And if the player knows the enemy movement and where he’s going to shoot, he can easily both angle the turret and chassis. I could do that against Pz IVs and M4s.


I use all 3 a hell of a lot and all 3 are very different and force a different style of gameplay from me. T34 I think best overall thanks to the Stalinium 😆.I find the Brittish tanks to be potato firing cannon fodder.

Sherman is the only one worth talking about here boys.

They are all great frankly, each amazing at what they do.

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British tanks cut through everything and with highly accurate gun.
I find that when I die in another nations tank my thoughts are usually “damn, if only I was in a British tank” genuinely, the pen values, the reload, the accuracy, the mobility and even armour.

The M4(A1) has superior mobility to the PzKpfw IV, better firepower than a Pz IV, better armour by a significant margin, better gun handling and better survivability.

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Certainly not the game I am playing.When i fire a shot in a British tank that I know would be a killer for any other and watch it do nothing, I think " why am I even playing this potato firing peice of shit.Then the other guy fires back and my tin foil armour does nothing. Seeing uk tanks on the field is joy ,it’s an easy kill.Only exception is the churchill, assuming you can get into battle before it ends

Sorry you have that experience :(

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Im not, I know what playing as UK will be like before I play it.I still play it.I moan like **** , have a nice cup of tea and get on with it.Just like the real British Army 😆

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