Pantsir-S1M, 8x8 Short Range Air Defense Missile System and SPAAG

I need close range guns

I wouldn’t say worse. I will see it better than the pantsir s1. Sure, bugs will be there but it’s the USSR tree, they’ll get that fixed maybe within a year lol



Ok then give to’ everyone Anty Radiation missiles (45 km Is the shortest range for an anty radiation missile) and we are done


I totally agree

Hey! Just wondering how the pantsir sm suggestion is coming

It’s going to take awhile, information on that system is somewhat scarce.

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Yeah I understand. No rush. Just curious 🙃

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I feel like this should be a folder vehicle under the Pantsir-S1 since it’s the same thing but more armaments.

I wouldn’t folder this vehicle, it’s a complete upgrade over the Pantsir-S1, it has a 30km engagement range with its new missile (57E6M-E) to the 20km range (95Ya6) on the Pantsir-S1, detection increased from 50km to 80km, also the missile flies at a staggering 1,700m/s which is 400m/s faster than the Pantsir-S1’s 95Ya6.
If the Pantsir-S1 were to get a folder vehicle it’ll be the TOR-M1 or Pantsir-S2.


Pantsir-S1 is good in weapon now, but the truck part is awful, maybe we need this.


The Pantsir-SM would be a great vehicle to cap off the Soviet SPAA tree, it would be far greater than even the Pantsir-S1M, it has engagement range of 40km and its new missile can reach 2,000m/s. I’d like to personally see the tracked variant with the KAMAZ K-53958 variant as a folder vehicle.

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Personally, I hate KAMAZ hull, it’s huge, almost no mobility, everyone know you are in resurrection point, a new tracked hull can make it better. After all, Pantsir-SM-SV is same as Pantsir-SM in turret.

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Having the best SAM system already still isn’t enough for the Russian mains huh.

The Pantsir S2 is the one with double sided search radar right? And is there any other upgrades to it? If not or very little, it should be a modification to the existing S1

To my knowledge, that is the only upgrade over the S1, however I could be wrong, I don’t remember finding much else about it.

Just a suggestion for a future addition, nobody is asking for it right now.

It’s a cool system and I would like to see more but not until everyone else has better SPAA

We could see the lesser export Pantsir-S1E mounted on a MAN chassis foldered with the Pantsir-S1 or the Pantsir-S1M (this suggestion).
We could also see this added to a middle eastern coalition tree of some sort.

These vehicles are modified in Tula’s Shcheglovsky Val in Russia.

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