Pantsir ruins the game

Why only one AA in the game has 15km range.
All ground RB battles and SQB need mostly russian vehicles.

Gaijin when an alternative game will be created, only russian players will stay here:
On top tier: best AA, best tank, best plane.

If yoy want be fair give other nations vehicles like MIM-104 Patriot, are you affraid?


Patriot is by no means comparable to Pantsir nor is it possible to add in game, since it isn’t an independent system.


The Pantsir shouldn’t have been added if there wasn’t a NATO counterpart to add as well. Gaijin’s arbitrary “no trailer AA” rule only benefits the USSR right now


Why was M247 added if USSR had Shilka only ?
The former is much, much better than the latter.


I’m confused as to what you’re talking about, going off of the Wiki the Shilka seems to be better by a good margin in most areas (there isn’t data on the M247’s radar in the Wiki so I guess that could be better? Idk).

Anyways what you’re bringing up isn’t applicable to what I was saying because the USSR obviously had a counterpart to it (the Shilka and Tunguska), whereas NATO doesn’t have an all-in-one AA like the Pantsir because that’s not their doctrine.


Funny they add modern SPAA system for Russia, but God forbid things like AGM-88 HARM to western jet counter maybe they seem too afraid that Russian will get stomp by other lol


This made me laugh.
Shilka’s radar can’t even search full 360 degrees and has terrible search speed to top it off. M247 also has access to HE-VT shells which makes it a far superior system for targeting faster aircraft and helis.

Shilka is a much worse counterpart.


Shilka is a much worse counterpart.

And m247 is 9.0 while shilka is a 8.0. That perfectly accounts for it.

The problem comes from pantsir being a 11.7 and shit like fully inferior flarakrad also being 11.7.
The pantsir being fully better in majority of aspects is not accounted in the difference of battle rating, while difference of shilka and m247 is accounted for.


Not even HARMs, I want my Shrike and SideARMs

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There was a time where their BR difference was much less than 1 BR.

Buddy you know there isn’t a single ground vehicle above 11.7 in the game ?
It is stupid, but when they finally decide to decompress the game further, I’m sure it will affect AAs as well.

‘‘There was a time where their BR difference was much less than 1 BR.’’

And that issue is currently resolved.

‘‘Buddy you know there isn’t a single ground vehicle above 11.7 in the game ?’’

And? They should remove the pantsir until we get higher br and give russia the tor since they do operate it.


Pantsir is easy not to die from.
Just go mach 1 & perpendicular. You’ll never die.
Best SPAA: TOR-M1, Pantsir, ITO-90M.
Best tank: 2A7V & Strv 122B+, German & Swedish.
Best plane: Gripen, F-15, F-16C, Mirage 4000. None are Russian.


Many vehicles face the same issue, so removing dozens of vehicles from the game isn’t the best idea.
Compression is especially affecting certain tiers and it’s for the best to stay away from those until something’s changed.

‘‘Just go mach 1 & perpendicular. You’ll never die.’’
That does not account for the differences in capabilities between all the spaa.
It can be hard to ‘‘just go mach 1 and perpendicular’’ in contested air space
Pantsir is also great when it comes to having guns which makes it competetive against anyone trying to bomb at low altitude, whereas air defense systems like ito90m are practically USELESS against such threats

The systems are not equal. Also, i have no idea how you can say that the f-15 is the best plane while su27 carries more missiles and better missiles for the meta. This likely shows your bias in thinking and your ignorance towards differences between spaa systems.


Many vehicles face the same issue, so removing dozens of vehicles from the game isn’t the best idea.

While many vehicles face this issue, majority of these vehicles are not on top tier so the issue can be fixed by changing battle rating.
Clearly here there is no intent to change battle rating, so removal is the only option.

Pantsir should be added back after our jets get shrikes and harms.


BR changes won’t solve compression, it will just move it somewhere else, so only true way of getting rid of similar problems is to push top tier vehicles above 11.7.

This is like saying M60 AMBT is the best MBT at ~10.0 since it carries the best ammunition, without even taking into consideration other, equally as important things.

If you’re 1.5km away from SPAA at top BR you’re doing CAS wrong.
Just gonna say that now.

More missiles =/= better.
Su-27 is all aggression.
F-15 is just as fast, better at retaining energy, and carries far more countermeasures.

‘‘equally important’’
Important note here is that su-27 is faster than f-15 at top speed on low level which is used to force dogfights or to force a ir missile engagement
Maneuverability is less irrelevant at top tier as most of the kills are made using missiles, maneuverability only comes into deciding play when youre at 1v1
Countermeasures are now mostly useless unless if you’re going front aspect on someone
R73+hmd is still the meta as you can stay low on deck while spamming your 40g irccm missiles, the f-15 can’t do that and if it wants to fire aim-9 at someone above it, it has to point the nose up which means getting into risk zone of 35g radar missiles
Theres way more to it but right now the argument was about pantsirs and this is on ground vehicle discussion

The pantsir is able to force the whole enemy team to either stay on the deck or to fly squares in TWO specific directions which makes getting air superiority extremely hard. Being able to limit a whole enemy team into flying in squares is not a small thing.
The pantsir is currently superior to any other vehicle and it is unreasonable to have such, therefore either anti radiation missiles should be added or the pantsir removed.

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Most annoying of all is that default airspawn is in range of pantsir on most maps. It doesn’t happen often but even if you dive on spawning there’s a genuine risk that a pantsir will get you, default spawn should be further away or lower down given the absurd range.


How are you unironically trying to say that the Su-27 isn’t the absolute best plane in the game right now [regardless of] its missiles and AoA? And regardless stop derailing the thread.

The Pantsir has almost no downsides when compared to the TOR-M1, with the only thing that really matters being the 9M331 having 10 extra G compared to the 95Ya6 (although the 95Ya6 is 32G, so still better than US air-to-air missiles because of course it is). The Pantsir:

  • Can fire more missiles before reloading (while at the same fire rate as the TOR-M1)
  • Can carry 1.5x the missiles in stowage
  • Has a 20km launch range (compared to TOR-M1’s 12km)
  • Has a 18km guaranteed launch range
  • Has faster (maximum velocity) missiles by 1.53x
  • Has 30 seconds of guidance (compared to 21 for TOR-M1)
  • Has more explosive mass in its missiles
  • Actually has a gun to fight ground targets (the TOR-M1 does not)
  • Is faster in forward speed (albeit not reverse)
  • Has higher vertical detection
  • Has much lighter missiles (2.3x), leading to less stress when maneuvering

Now after reading all that, there is no way you can think the Pantsir isn’t the best SPAA in game right now.

The other issue with all this is what other nations have ANYTHING close to either the TOR-M1 or Pantsir? If you’d like to discuss how NATO needs more SPAA like yesterday, then cool.