Pantsir ruins the game

Pantsir has an effective range of 12km before its 30G missiles can’t even pull 20Gs anymore. You will never hit a mach 1 target with Pantsir. You will never hit minor moving targets beyond 12km with Pantsir.
Go ahead, I’ll 1v1 you using F-16AJ.
TOR-M1 missiles pull at least 33Gs at 12km.

Speed doesn’t matter when you can’t hit skilled targets.
The rest is just embellishing its very lackluster missiles.
When a Pantsir can kill me even once in a year when I’m not goofing off I’ll take it seriously.
News flash: Only died once to Pantsir cause I was goofing off going 600KPH over Breslau.

USSR needs TOR-M1 though, as it needs something better than Pantsir.
Just like other countries need their VT-1 missiles fixed if they haven’t been already.

As for Su-27, sir Russia fan, the only people praising Su-27 are those that haven’t learned of Gripen, F-15, F-16C, or Mirage 4000.
Su-27 is good, it’s just not meta defining.

I don’t even play CAS and I know that ever since the Pantsir was added the only way to consistently stay alive is to be on the deck at all times - and since you don’t have the altitude needed to be able to aim at the Pantsir (or anything really) through buildings or trees you need to get much closer.


Nope. Pantsir doesn’t force people to stay low at all.
I stay at 6000 meters 5 - 14km away as CAS in matches because I know Pantsirs can’t hit me.
I only stay beyond 12km if China’s on the enemy team.

Pantsir is no more effective than FlaRakRad, meaning both are useless.
Pantsir has never been the best SPAA in the game, and never will be because TOR-M1 exists.
Pantsir cannot and has never limited players to flying in squares.

You don’t need anti-radiation missiles, just fly high & fast, and bomb/missile them.

Pantsirs can’t hit mach 1 targets.
There’s a reason I never die in ground RB to Pantsirs.

I stay high, and stay fast.
Being low actually makes you easier to hit by Pantsirs cause you can’t do as many angles.

Mirage 4000, F-15, and Gripen all have superior flight performance to Su-27.
Su-27 bleeds more speed than all other top jets in the game, and has the lowest sustained turning ability getting beaten by F-4E.

I can teach everyone here how to avoid all SPAA in the game that isn’t TOR-M1.
And it’s very simple:
Be above 6000 meters.
Go mach 1.
Only turn in to drop armament, then turn slightly away for guidance.

You beat Pantsirs.

People that oppose Pantsir in War Thunder just want CAS to be OP & never be shot down by any SPAA.
Of course Pantsir being at best on-par to ITO-90, it’s weird for people to oppose it.
You have to be doing so many things wrong to die to Pantsir.

I just want something halfway comparable.

US and British top tier SPAA is literally a 10.3 Roland with a maximum range of 8km / Stormer

Unless of course, you count the “Anti-Tank Missile Carrier” that costs 3x as much as the Pantsir with half the range


USA and UK have ADATS, which honestly is comparable.
You can only hit targets that are going somewhat at you in the 10km range.
Which is only 2km shorter than Pantsir missile’s maneuverable range.
Pantsir can hit 18km targets IF they go straight toward Pantsir or it’s a helicopter. Pretty much drones, bombers, and helicopters only beyond 12km.

If you doubt this, you can get in CAS and I’ll coach you how to win against Pantsir with me in the Pantsir.


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Yes except as I mentioned it costs 2-4x as much to spawn depending on how much you actually played that round compared to the Pantsir which gets the super discounted SPAA spawn


True. Especially for something that’s “as good” as Pantsir… meaning it’ll miss targets.
This is why I’ve been putting air superiority fighters in my SPAA slots for the last year.
F-16C, F-15J, Mig-29G for Germany, Gripen for Britain.
I’d rather spend 500 SP for a guaranteed anti-air than 90SP for potential kills, or more in the case of ADATS.

“ADATS, which honestly is comparable.”

Pantsir Advantages -

  • 1.5x the amount of missiles in the belt
  • 3.0x the total number of missiles including storage
  • Semi-automatic guidance
  • 1.3x higher maximum velocity
  • 20km launch range (ADATS is 10km max)
  • 18km guaranteed launch range
  • More explosive mass
  • 30 seconds of guidance (ADATS only has 22)
  • Forward speed
  • Larger caliber gun
  • Gun has a faster fire rate
  • Gun has more ammo
  • Gun has better HE round
  • Gun gets a two-plane stabilizer (the ADATS doesn’t get one at all)
  • Larger missile trigger radius

ADATS Advantages -

  • Missiles can hit any type of targets (but this can be seen as a disadvantage because if you use them for ground targets it will have less for SPAA duties)
  • Gets APDS so a ~25% increased armor penetrating value in comparison to the Pantsir’s gun
  • Gets more armor, although at top tier the amount of armor it does get does little (only a 7-32mm difference depending on the panel)
  • Missiles are 30% lighter than the Pantsir’s

“honestly comparable,” sure…


You listed no actual advantages of Pantsir.
You made filler in order to embellish your favorite SPAA in the game.

Pantsir’s sole advantage over ADATS is the 2km longer range against maneuvering targets, and 8km longer range against static targets.
That’s it.
The rest aren’t measurable benefits, which you’d know if you had experience in all the SPAA systems, or at least defeated all the SPAA systems.
Yes, I even defeated TOR-M1, I was beyond 12km when I defeated it.

Which no one care (except Russian main which their thought not have value anyways)that they superior than Russians because they supposed to be that way

As an SPAA having 3.0x the total missiles, 1.5x the readily available missiles, faster missiles, 2.0x the launch range, more explosive mass, a larger trigger radius, and semi-automatic guidance are at the very least objectively advantages that have huge implications in match.

A Pantsir at the minimum will be 1.5x more effective in the short term and 3.0x more effective in the long term during a match, let alone thinking about how effective the radar of the Pantsir is when compared to having to beam-ride the ADATS’s missiles (while also needing to be more accurate because the ADATS has a smaller trigger radius AND a lower amount of explosive filler).


Amount of missiles is potential, nothing more.
Explosive mass doesn’t matter if the missiles kill the target in its proximity range.
Larger trigger radius doesn’t matter if they can’t maneuver well enough to begin with.
Automatic guidance misses its target.

So you listed no advantages.
And the advantage I listed you never did because you think paper range means everything.
Here’s a fun fact, Matra 530E has a range of 30km, must be better than AIM-9L then.
How about AIM-54s 160km range. Must be better than AIM-7Es… oh wait.
Paper range means nothing.

No it’s not lmfao. Especially since you mentioned the UK ADATS too.

-The Pantsir has guns.
-The Pantsir has a MUCH better radar capable of acquiring targets from further away and with a much better detection elevation.
-The Pantsir optic is so much better to track long-range targets. 5x-28x for the Pantsir vs 6x-12x for the Adats. The Pantsir also has higher quality thermal.
-The Pantsir is capable of attacking targets right above it, the ADATS is NOT in the case of the US version(59° elevation vs 85° Pantsir)
-The Pantsir missiles go faster which is incredibly useful to hit helicopters before they hit you if they already fired their missile your way.

Get out of here with your constant nonsense. The Pantsir radar vs others. The ADATS and Flakrad especially have an absolute trash search radar that can be defeated by simply flying high.


Pantsir itself is defeated by flying high and fast.
Pantsir cannot and has never hit a fast moving slightly perpendicular target flying high in War Thunder.

The gun doesn’t matter cause only helicopters would get that close or low.

CAS meta is to stay high and never get shot down cause only TOR-M1 can hit you.

A total of zero semi-skilled players have died to Pantsir.

You said yourself the Pantsir was forcing you defensive even above 12km when the ADATS cannot even hit a static target at that range lmao.

Then they do matter because helicopters rushing with rocket pods is a common occurrence in high tier?

The Pantsir fires further, faster, has more ammo, with better search radar to detect targets, and better optics to follow targets than both the ADATS and Flakrad. This is only fact. Only a fool would say they are equal…


Delet Russia

Disown Gaijin

Salt the snail


Tell that to Harrier being fast? lol

not an excuse that Pantsir have best radar and range advantage over other when 2S6 are enough and they get it not long after got bomb to the ground by Harrier GR7 (which is very few of them) coincidence? i think not it being Russian main clowns can’t handle their own medicine that they doing to other with MiG-27K and crying for better AA disgusting, isn’t it?


“Explosive mass doesn’t matter if the missiles kill the target in its proximity range.” So in other words, the increased trigger radius and the increased explosive mass (doing more effective damage at that larger radius) objectively makes the Pantsir better - like I said.

“Larger trigger radius doesn’t matter if they can’t maneuver well enough to begin with.” The ADATS and Pantsir missiles have roughly the same G load (35G to 32G, only 3G difference) to this would apply to both the Pantsir and ADATS. The main thing that completely disproves what you’re saying is that the ADATS has to manually guide their missiles, so maneuvering (even if the Pantsir had vastly worse maneuverability) in the ADATS is just objectively harder to do. Not to mention that the ADATS’s having a 33% smaller trigger radius means that you also need to be more accurate manually guiding it than the Pantsir.

“Automatic guidance misses its target.” The Pantsir uses Semi-automatic guidance and the ADATS uses manual guidance, so at least with the Pantsir you can have the choice to not manually aim it at all times. I just don’t know how what you’re saying is even an argument.

“Matra 530E has a range of 30km, must be better than AIM-9L then.” The AIM-9L is an all-aspect missile with twice the rear-aspect lock range of the 530E and twice the G load (30G compared to 15G). I don’t know what stats you’re trying to say make the Matra 530E in any way equal to the AIM-9L.

“How about AIM-54s 160km range. Must be better than AIM-7Es… oh wait.” The AIM-54C and AIM-7E have their tradeoffs stat-wise: the 54C gets a much longer launch range, a slightly higher maximum velocity, and four times the guidance time whereas the AIM-7E gets a much higher lock range and larger maximum G load. I don’t know what argument you’re trying to say, from the paper stats the AIM-54C seems to be built for BVR in RB (and I’ve never heard anyone say that the AIM-7E is better than the AIM-54C for BVR ever).

No argument you have said is valid thus far.