Pantsir ruins game

No SPAA comes even remotely close to the abilities of the Pantsir in terms of detection, which is a big part of fighting aircraft in a 360 degree space, with the Pantsir being the only one that will be able to decently track enemy jets and engage them at all distances.

The missile that can’t hit a mach 1 moving target beyond 12km.
As I said, standard CAS tactics defeats Pantsir.

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As they defeat everything else, that still leaves the Pantsir with the advantage.

What advantage ?
Im still not sure if it’s a skill issue on my end, but the radar is jitterish af. Locks to chaff and missiles fired from the plane you are shooting at.
Tried it in different modes.

VT1 is still a better missile than pantsirs with ITO arguably the best SPAA in the game right now.

Type 81 you also lock onto the same things and have all the same issues without an insane radar.
Instead you’re still looking for pixels somewhere.

You don’t lock onto chaff and mavericks with that thing. Also it’s an advantage to not sending out a radar signal.

Pantsir can also just turn off the radar.

Skill issue

Yea, so can every SPAA, now what ?

So it’s not an advantage to not have a radar.

I am not saying it is generaly an advantage, but it’s not all bad as you make it to be.
Lots of CAS players only listen to the RWR and then get clapped by an IR missile.

You mean if you spend 10 minutes trying to get high enough to drop guided bombs outside of the pantsir’s range? Battle would be over before you have the opportunity to play CAS right at 11.7.

10 minutes? lol try 2 minutes, then 90 seconds per pass.
It’s identical tactic to before Pantsir was added.

Completely forgetting about destruction of AGMs with them.

In terms of CAS, possibly, but the Su-25 is much much better multirole.

forgot about the vikhr the fastest atgm from a heli

forgetting about ranges of that new missile

And that airframes like the A-7 (The A-10 is too slow) and Su-24 exist, which are much closer counterparts to the Su-25 and F-111 respectively.

That’s just outright wrong. I shoot down Missiles with my pantisr alllllll the time (my missiles that I fire at Pantsirs get shot down all the time too). The Pantsir is blatantly OP and I genuinely don’t see how you are denying it.

We’re talking about the 10.0 Su-25 against the Aardvark.
Of course the Su-25SM3 is better than the Aardvark, and I think anyone can agree.