Pantsir ruins game

“Gaijin Russian Bias” what is the reason there is only one Spaa in the game with 20 km reach, two times more then other Spaa.

Specialy when maps are small, SQB maps are very small, when you start you have no height, no speed and you are in Pantsir reach!! This is idiotic.

Today I playd 11.3 game when Pantsir was downtiered and any plane was dead at the begining of its flight.

What is solution of this stupidy:

  • other nation get similar SPAA - and planes are useless,
  • Pantsir goes to 13.0 and is allowed to play with only top planes, also maps are much bigger,
  • If there is no other SPAA like Pantsir in the game - the reach should be limited to 12 km.

It’s easy to fix Pantsir problem but Rusian bias has to be until people want to still play.

Rusian Bias inda game:

  • Pantsir - double reach, best G-limit
  • 2S38 - killing everything on top BR, but itself is only 10.0 BR
  • SU-25 - you do not heard it if You play in AA (sound problems for this one?), can stand few rockets from AA, and id bullet proof (it stand my A-10 30mm bullets, for me it’s joke, each one is size of a beer).

When tankers who try to play tank get AGM BULLPUP’d by jet hovering in outer space:


As someone who gets annoyed with CAS, I agree it’s annoying that Russia has the only viable anti-cas vehicle at top tier.
What’s extra annoying is the fact they have the best anti air, and now the best cas aircraft that can launch AGMs at 10 to 15+km…the only vehicle that can counter that…is the pantsir.

But yeah, the pantsir, it is, however, absolutely fun to play.

I get no greater satisfaction than swatting planes out the sky, and the pantsir does it with ease.


Once again mission on 11.3 with Pantsir. My F-5E was clearly bugged recently, now I need to close up on 7-8 km to enemies, and guess what, again killed by pantsir. Ofcourse I saw him, but could not fire my missile - out of reach.

The Launch range is 40km the lock range is 20. Most AA sit still so you can technically hit AA from 20km+ (or any vehicle for that matter if they don’t move). It’s BS. They should add NASAMs or something.

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Sounds like a skill issue.

Have you tried spawning a tank to take out the pantsir instead?


100 percent it’s fun to play.

If every nation had an anti air vehicle with similar capabilities as the Pantsir, CAS at top tier wouldn’t be a huge issue. Balance would be restored.

Another post where someone goes straight into the battle and does a surprise Pikachu face when they get fragged. What is CAS tactics… ;)
Best G-limit is ITO-90M and TOR-M1.
2S38 is inferior to HSTVL by far.
Su-25 is just an inferior Aardvark.

It’s not even funny how biased this is.



Yes, cause radars are what frag aircraft, not missiles… /s

Quite often in the Stormer I cant even fire at the target, even though they are well within range because I cant lock on.

The ability to see nearly everything ,especially the other teams spawn, is half the battle.


Can’t even launch missiles without a target, Pantsir also has the 20km missiles, it also guns.

At 11.0 playing the Type 93 I can’t even find targets, and when you find them you can’t lock onto them, and when you can lock onto them you can’t hit them.

Guns that Pantsir never uses cause only WW2 tank players fly low.
And missiles that are only usable against players that fly like drones.
Top CAS is OP and no SPAA in War Thunder can defeat them when played anywhere close to properly.

Sure increases your chances however when you know they’re coming minutes before anyone else does and able to track them and engage them from far away.

Missiles work fine when you can launch them from 20km away when most things struggle to even get a lock at 25% that distance, let alone shoot a missiles.

Guns are helpful for defending, killing other things, engaging helicopters up close as well as jets… Type 93 cannot do anything against early game helicopters or gun running planes.

So we are comparing 9.3 and 10.3 SPAA to pantsir now, clearly russian bias.

Yes launch them, just you wont hit anything that isn’t a straight flying bot.

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So we are comparing 9.3 and 10.3 SPAA to pantsir now, clearly russian bias.

You can use the Type 81 which Gaijin has decided to be on par with the Pantsir at this point and it’s the same scenario.

Missiles will miss all jets that are going proper speeds beyond 12km.
If you’re a jet CAS you should be above 8000 meters, and going above 0.91 mach.

So a Pantsir is equally effective as a Wirbelwind when we pretend missiles and radars are irrelevant?

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Type 81 is still very deadly when it is actually capable of firing at you.
Also that point would still stand against every other top tier SPAA compared to the type 81. Japans AA problems don’t make the pantsir OP.