Panthers BR: too high?

The MG port on Panthers is also a weakspot, one I myself have exploited using the Jumbo 75. It’s currently modeled as part of the UFP so it’s just 80 mm thick, and there are no additional plates to add volumetric bs.

Doesn’t work on the Jagdpanthers since they got remodelled though.

It is.

Except for the main gun, along with every other weakness like the MG port.

Try to hit the Jumbo’s MG port while it is wiggling about and covered head to toe in bushes before your main gun gets shot, not happening. The Jumbo will always fire first due to a stabiliser and as long as the jumbo player is sufficiently skilled that will always be a disabling shot. Unless you think that the average Panther player can hit the MG port of a moving jumbo while it’s moving itself.

It’s only the Panther F that has better protection due to not having a muzzle brake. But you cannot argue that the Panther A deserves to be 5.7.

Ah my bad, for some reason i thought it wasn’t.

Sir, the BR is 6.7.
I never mentioned reload for its BR.
So it is true, congrats on being wrong.

The G and Dauphine also get better protection.

Yes i think the Panther has equal opportunity to kill the jumbo.

I dont know if the slightly worse immunity to the jumbo 75 makes it deserve the 0.3 lower BR as the Panther is allready a very solid vehicle

I thought you meant the reload being 6.7 seconds when reloading APCR (as is plainly obvious by my first reply).

People have lots of beliefs but yours is purely faith-based at this point and is completely bereft of logic or common sense.

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Yes im putting more faith into the Jumbo player than i should because i know playing a german tank lowers ones proficiency. I feel it every time i bring my Panther or Tiger 2 H out.

I feel my situational awareness vanishing.

If you don’t have any arguments you can just stop talking now.

That goes for you too. Don’t need people who clearly don’t play Germany shitting up the thread with nonsense.

I’m playing Germans)
Germany at 6.0 is still strong. but German mains want to oneshot everyone in silhouette and not think at all)

Just saying that from experience, the Panther at 6.0 has minimal challanges.

Not immune and without flaw, but if it didnt have anything to exploit it would be a higher BR.

And honestly if the Panther G and F moved to 6.3 it wouldn’t be a suprise

Well, i agree to decrease panther’s br, only if majority of soviet and american tanks would also be decreased.

The Jagdpanther is terrible at 6.3 let alone the Panthers. 6.0 usually faces 6.7 or less but 6.3 is 90% full uptiers.

I can take a Panther being 6.0 but at 7.0 the game goes off.