Panther II

The only truly fictional vehicle still in-game is the Ho-Ri Production and the Chinese MiG-9 late. Everything else is based on some degree of reality.

In a sense, the three removed German vehicles were based on some reality, even if their configuration could not/did not exist. This is what is usually brought up to try to get those specifically returned. The bigger question is, should these return based on the current scope of the game?

The Coelion could since it’s just the same as the VDAA SANTAL.

The Tiger 10,5 cm couldn’t, since it’s not even a paper design but just a proposal like the R2Y2 were which are still pending for removal if an acceptable replacement is found. The Type 5 has been the only exception to the rule so far, but Gaijin hasn’t even acknowledged its paper-ness as far as I know; but out of everything it’s probably just “meh” because naval is already the smallest playerbase in the game, coastal naval is even smaller, and people who specifically play Japan coastal naval are probably the smallest.

The in-game Panther II definitely couldn’t, since it’s in the same league as the Ho-Ri Production in how fictional it is. The actual Panther II with the schmale Blendenausführung or the Ausf. G turret could be added, though, but that would be at the same BR as all the other Panthers.

Lmao get real. I have quite a few actually. Including the VT1-2 and i wasnt even playing the game when it was available 🤣🤣🤣 and yes i most certainly am trying to piss people off. The ones who think their better than others simply because they just so happened to be playing a FREE game and got a FREE vehicle before others did.

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BINGO. Exactly this. No more, no less.

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Well by your logic the Panther II shouldn’t be accessible to the ones who have it. So how about you “get real” and deal with it. They weren’t real, they were never built, nor functioned in the end, case close.

Still more real than alot of stuff CURRENTLY in game.

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It really isn’t. Fitting the 8,8 cm in the Panther Ausf. F’s Schmalturm turret is a physical impossibility and Gaijin had to shrink the breech of the gun to make it fit. Then in the first place you also have the time-traveling Schmalturm turret which was made in 1944, a year after the end of the Panther II project, and the FG 1250 night vision was was also made in 1944 and only implemented on a few Ausf. G tanks by war’s end. Out of everything, the only thing more fake than the “Panther II” is the Ho-Ri Production, with the only part of it actually being accurate is the hull.

Well, no, the hull isn’t accurate either because it’s not supposed to have sideskirts. :)

So get out of here with that “more real than a lot of stuff.”


Oh no! Not side skirts! The horror!

Oh no, your reading comprehension! The horror!

It’s more than just the sideskirts. It’s every aspect of the tank other than the hull itself, minus the sideskirts.

You have no argument, though. All you’re able to do is throw ad hominems because your argument about the in-game Panther II being real holds absolutely no weight when actually analyzed. It has the:

  • Wrong turret.
  • Wrong gun.
  • Night vision it never had.
  • Sideskirts it never had.

You’re not proving anything aside from being a cheap troll.


If you payed any attention at all to the original posts, you would know my argument wasnt about its authenticity, but rather the fairness or removing TT vehicles lol.

The only vehicle left in the tech trees as fake as it is, is the Ho-Ri Production. And that’s slated for removal, so it’s still completely fair. That one just hasn’t been removed because Gaijin hasn’t found a replacement for it and the Japanese army tree being far smaller relative to the German army tree… Though, with the introduction of the Type 99 HSP it could probably be removed.

Let me be clear on my argument since you obviously cant comprehend. NO TT VEHICLES SHOULD EVER BE REMOVED FROM THE GAME. They are there. Whether their fake or not? Who cares. Its a damn game.

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But why? As long as their role is filled by something else, their removal doesn’t affect anything. And why only tech tree vehicles? What’s so special about them that separates them from limited-time event vehicles or premiums that can be removed for sales cycles, or brought back for special events only? Your argument, however shallow it is, holds no weight unless you apply it to every vehicle in-game, or else it’s merely your collector’s opinion.

Theres no point to it. Their not game breaking. Their not broken in any way.

They’re broken in the way that they aren’t real or were never made, aside from the Coelian which I already said should come back.

And wrong engine

It’s a game that’s made it clear they only want to implement vehicles that actually existed and existed beyond paper, hence why they removed those tanks in the first place. Go play another game if you want something different.

You. Have. No. Argument.

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