Panther II

Je voulais savoir si un possible retour du Panther II serais envisagé ? , c’est un char que je n’est pas eu l’occasion de posséder et qui m’attire énormément. J’ai pu constater que le Panther II et son homologue le Tiger II 10.5 cm ont était retiré simplement parce qu’il n’existé pas (bien que les plans et les caisses on vu le jour mais bon) le problèmes se pose en regardant les arbres des autres nation ?!
il regorge de char prototype récemment vu en jeu le chasseur de japonais et ne parlons même pas des char soviétique ou même américain avec la série des T29/30/34.


Sorry to say but the panther 2 you speak of in the game will never be reintroduced to the game. Not because of the prototype category but because it’s made up. Not only did the panther 2 not exist in this form, was it ever designed in this form but it also defies the laws of physics. Just like the king tiger 105 the gun breach doesn’t actually fit in the turret, no room for crew and the recoil would blow through the back of the turret.

For the reasons above you will not have the opportunity for this tank in game.


Then it should be taken away from those who do have it and replaced with something else. Its bs that certain people cant have access to a vehicle that was once free to earn, but if you got them your considered lucky. Theyve already admitted they where wrong, but they are in the game. Just add them back, or remove them completely.

They aren’t taking away something people ground out. They’ve never done this before so unlikely any time soon. Every teck tree vehicle ever Removed is still available to those who worked to get them.


So they should still be there for anyone who wants them. Especially considering they where FREE to earn. The fact that normal tech tree vehicles can be taken out at any time and never come back is scary for any game. They should have neve done it to begin with because it will haunt them forever unless they brought them back or remove them entirely


Using the T29, T30, and T34 as examples of tanks which didn’t exist is pretty silly considering they are all currently on display at the Armor Museum at Ft. Moore.

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Typical panther II owner who thinks hes special because he played a game before others did lmao

I stated a fact. There are thousands of people who agree. Just because you dont agree doesnt make it any less true.

so what ? there enough ppl that don’t think what you and “thousands” think
but nice topic i think i will take my panther 2 out for a spin :)))

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Have fun!

If I can’t have it then nobody can


Not the case. Theres plenty of vehicles ill never be able to get, such as tournament award vehicles and what not, and im okay with that. Its the fact that gaijin have some type of moral high ground about historical accuracy but then leave tons of other completely fake vehicles in the game. It doesnt make any sense and the call for them to come back is getting bigger. People like @richthofen122 are some of the biggest voices on this topic and are definitely worth listening to when it comes to the “forbidden” 3 german vehicles.

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I don’t really agree with nuking them from the game nor do I think Gaijin will do it, the community is much larger than a few voices on the forums, I’d like to keep the vehicles I grinded out and earned.

Definitely more than a few lol.

In terms of ground, you should list the vehicles that are fake. You can even include air if you’d like. The list is much shorter than how you phrase it. Off the top of my head: the list is:

  • Ho-Ri Production (Never existed like this)
  • R2Y2 V1 (pending removal)
  • R2Y2 V2 (pending removal)
  • R2Y2 V3 (pending removal)
  • Ho 229 (Plane flew, was not armed)
  • Ki-200 (Never made as far as I know)
  • E-100 (Not represented correctly, hull is correct)
  • F-16AJ (Stop-Gap filler, likely to be removed)
  • Yak-141 (Similar situation to Ho 229)

This is what I can remember, but the list isn’t much larger than that. Saying there are “tons” of fake vehicles in the game is blatantly false when there are over 2,500 in game currently.

The Ki-200 was built and delivered to the Army 70th Flight Squadron. The Ho-Ri Production is a complete fantasy vehicle, combining the silhouette of the sloped Ho-Ri with the planned armour thickness of the Ho-Ri II, the planned but not achieved performance of the 10 cm tank gun (long), and the the unbuilt submarine engine that was never meant to be put into it. The Ho-Ri Prototype was also merely a small-scale mockup irl, with the Ho-Ri II having the most evidence of having been the one to be partially built; it’s the only one with a surviving blueprint whereas the sloped Ho-Ri mockup and the Ferdinand-style Ho-Ri I don’t have one.

Though, there’s also some more that you’re missing:

  • M1KVT (semi-fictional; should be M1A1KVT , purposely added as fictional by Gaijin to give the USA a premium there)
  • RadPz 90 (semi-fictional; turret was non-functional)
  • Heavy Tank No. 6 (fictional; purchased, but never transported to Japan and loaned back to Germany to be lost somewhere in France; S-mine launchers never purchased and track armour would’ve likely never been used by Japan)
  • Ho-Ri Prototype (small-scale mockup; Ho-Ri II more likely to have been the one chosen to be built)
  • VDAA SANTAL (full-scale mockup; everything functional, but missile launcher was just a mockup)
  • XP-38G-LO (REMOVED; fictional prototype based on P-38J and P-38K, was removed and replaced by YP-38-LO)
  • Me 264 (semi-fictional; the V3 prototype was never built irl and the V1 and V2 versions were unarmed, none of them used or planned to use the Jumo 213 E engines)
  • BV 238 V1 (semi-realized; was meant to be armed but was never fully completed before it was strafed and sunk)
  • German P-47D-25-RE (REMOVED; fictional; was originally supposed to represent the German-captured P-47, but has since accurately been replaced by the P-47D-16-RE)
  • Sea Meteor F. Mk. 3 (semi-realized; was meant to be armed but the project was cancelled before it progressed that far)
  • Swift F. Mk. 7 (semi-fictional; was only armed with missiles irl)
  • J6K1 (full-scale mockup with functional guns, but couldn’t fly; added as limited-time event vehicle)
  • Kikka (planned but unbuilt fighter version, likely designation of M8N1-J, with partially built Ne 20 kai engines; real Kikka was special attacker bomber version with single 800 kg or 500 kg bomb and Ne 20 engines)
  • Chinese MiG-9 Late (fictional; is actually the I-307 which was never imported to China)
  • Z 46 (Typ 1936 C destroyer; was never completed before war ended alongside the Z 47)
  • Z 47 (Typ 1936 C destroyer; was never completed before war ended alongside the Z 46)
  • SMS Sachsen (Bayern-class battleship; was never completed before war ended alongside the SMS Württemberg)
  • Shherbakov (Pr. 68bis cruiser; meant to be completed as Pr. 68bis-ZiF and launched but never completed alongside the Admiral Kornilov, the Kronshtadt (not Pr. 69), the Tallin, the Varyag, the Arkhangel’sk (ex-Koz’ma Minin), and the Dmitrij Donskoj)
  • Kronshtadt (Pr. 69 cruiser; keel laid but never progressed further than that due to German invasion and then siege of Leningrad where it was being built)
  • Type 5 (proposal; actually the steel-hulled Ke-I kō, wasn’t built but its wooden-hulled version, Ke-I otsu, was)
  • RN Conte di Cavour (Conte di Cavour-class; was completed but is in-game in the uncompleted 1940s refit during repairs that was never completed by the time the war ended)

No? Are you ok?. Are you trying to piss people off?. That logic is dumb as hell, that’s like saying, that no one should have the TB-3 because it’s hidden in the game. Or that anyone who had the Italian planes that were added to the German tech tree long before Italy was even a TT shouldn’t have them either. That is what you were implying and by this logic, no one including you should have any rare event vehicle either.

Appreciated for the rest of the list and the correction. So about 30 vehicles give or take are fictional/somewhat fictional. Boats are in a weird spot.

M1 KVT should also be on that list for fictional representations.

If fictional vehicles can remain in the game, then all should be returned. If fictional vehicles can’t remain in the game, then all should be removed. There is no in-between.