Panther II

Hey, as OG know before in the german branch we had Coelian, Tiger II 105, Panther II and of course Maus. Gaijin now only bring Maus back every years. But for these prototype tanks gaijin removed them, btw I have Tiger and Coelian but gaijin may have removed Panther II from me even with some RP spent but I can’t be sure. So I have an idea that gaijin bring back those tanks for a day for an exemple (you only have to spent an rp to keep it). Well gaijin choose how they want to do it but yeah for OG that couldn’t complete their collection or new WT players it could be very cool.


I would actually pick up the German tech tree again if they add the panther 2 back at least


+1. Bring them back.


Ingame panther ii never existed. It won’t come back


The problem I see with that is Germany did try and where building it, but gaijin removed it “because it wasn’t historical” but yet the Ho-Ri is in the game just fine which as far as I know never even saw a prototype, the furthest it got was a wooden mock up, yet the Panther 2 was actually almost finished?

other than all that what is in the Panther 2’s place? really nothing the only thing Germany has at 7.0 is the Kugelblitz


Ingame panther 2 was fully imagined by gaijin with long 88, Hl234 and transmission from tiger.

Send another german tanks to 7.0 to give kugelblitz a setup and problem solved.

That’s a genuine question actually. They likely won’t make the Panther II available again, but you can make your case that you had research started.

That’s the thing, they didn’t try to build what we have in game. The Panther II we have in WarThunder is extremely different from the Panther II that was built in real life.

It should still be made available in WarThunder, at least periodically, but it is an extremely ahistorical vehicle.

Ahistorical vehicles like Panther 2, T25, Swedish Sherman, Ho-Ri and etc should be fully removed from the game

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T-25 should be simply changed to actual historical version, preferably with a stab, T-25 is already kinda eh on its BR.

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Maus existed, the others didnt.

Or split it into several versions.

I think the opposite, after all it is a video game a fictional environment, so why not let vehicles that otherwise never wouldn’t have done anything and been left to die to history be immortalized in war thunder the most accurately they can?

from what I know there was plans to put a better engine, transmission, gun(like the long 88) and armor on the panther and make it the panther 2 yet that never happened even though it probably would have.

so I see no reason it cant at least come back once a year with the Maus right?

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There was a Panther 2 hull built in real life. It has none of the things you’ve mentioned other than the armor.

The turret was never finished but it we have documents on the Panther II turret and it would’ve been a 75 mm cannon. The transmission it has is a normal Panther transmission. The engine is also a HL 230 which is the same as on the Panther A, G and F.

Nothing of that was done in the end. And even if it would happen lets be fair it would be so worse than Panther 2 we have in game.
If you want paper tanks that will only open a dangerous pandora box, far more dangerous than one for other tank game.

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As i read from Knipkamp’s interrogation they planned to use final gears from tiger on panther 2 because Panthers final gears was very bad.

Maybe final drives was replaced with better ones

I don’t think tanks that never got further than blue prints should be added, but tanks they wanted to make and started making yet never happened should be added

We can get panther 2 from the museum as semi-historical.