Pansir reduction very strong

the rocket is too powerful. and all aircraft unusable. reduction 12km. and the radar is too strong

Unless you are flying in a straight line, which you if you do dying by aA is on you, the pantsir struggles to hit a fast mover >10km that’s moving perpendicular.

Literally all SPAA including pantsir got hit by saclos update and now the missiles lose so much energy after the burner goes off. You have Tv guided missiles you can launch outside of Pantsirs range and bombs literally AA has become obsolete. If you are dying to AA it’s because you are making a mistake. If it was a big ass missile like S300 coming for u sure I’d understand but pantsir missile after 8km can’t pull 40gs anymore.

Gaijin please don’t nerf AA they are struggling as is, and with new update coming I pray for them. Typical new player to Air flying too high or in a straight predictable path. Mans complaining about 12km when f14 phoenix can go easy 20-40km and TV atgms and bombs range over 10km. You can safely fire your weapons towards pantsir and evade. Fire and forget bombs and missiles just take a dump on AA.

Also I’ve tried shooting down atgms with pantsir it struggles unlesss u use the gun. I would say 60-70% I was able to shoot down.