Panavia Tornado (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

Yep, it ripps at 1555Kph but will just stop accellerating at 1300. in a straight line I’ve never reached anything over 1480 outside test drives, I’ts like the jet has asthma.

The F104 just got increased supersonic accelleration and top speed so add that to the long list of jets you cant run away from.

This flight model is hella gimped

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Did the Tornado Gr1 ever recieve Aim-9L/i?

Unlikely since our own 9L mods were noted as being similar in capability.

Rumours that a Saudi Arabian Tornado is coming to Britain as a premium. Anyone got any ideas what loadouts it would have?

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Assuming it’s TSP1 it would have the same kind of weapons as the GR.1 - Saudis even use MACE lugs like the RAF’s Tornados. But likely without PGM since that was a pitch for the UAE. And they have Damocles instead of TIALD.
They tend to use US Mk.80 series bombs instead of UK bombs nowadays. Though they have UK 1000lbers they don’t have Paveway kits for them, so their PWs are all Mk.80-based

Pre-TSP would mean no designator pod IIRC. So no Paveways. Just UK 1000lbers and Mk.80s etc.

Later TSP 2 & 3 upgrades were fully equivalent to GR.4, just without NAVFLIR. Including Brimstone, Storm Shadow etc. capability. No NAVFLIR means they have retained both 27mm Mausers on all versions.

Ed:- added extra images and cleared up a bit about Saudi Paveways.
Ed2:- added pre-TSP image with UK 1000lb on twin stores carrier


honestly doesnt make sense to me, from what i know they have an adv variant and a bomber one, but the german wiki only says the bomber carried ALARM, SEA EAGLE and GBU 24, honestly would mostly be a normal tornado for most purposes

Im assuming 11-11.3 Gr1 equivalent, so doesnt sound too bad

I’d have no issues with essentially a premium MFG. No guided weapons would mean 11.0 BR, so it would be a powerhouse farmer in SB. Im already considering the MFG just to have a tornado to play on the rotations in which the Tornado Gr1 is EC9 but the MFG is EC8

Man Darth, where do I sign up for your news letter, always a treat when you post.


So there’s definitely something wrong with the FM at high speeds.

Not only does it take over a minute to go from 1400-1450 but if I recall correctly the top speed at sea level in light combat (4x skyflash) should be around the 1480 mark. I can’t push it past 1454.

Also wonder if the 1480 list for top speed was the actual achieveable speed considering it is also the exact VNE of the aircraft. Will get together a bug report if I can re-find the source material in this thread.


Sorry for the double post but does anyone remember what “Light combat” configuration consisted of? Was it 4x skyflash and 4x9L without tanks or was it just 4x Skyflash with wing pylons?

Think @Fireball_2020 dug through and found the definitions for them.

Light combat 4xSW
Heavy combat 4xSW 4xSF


OK so topping out at 1450 on 30mins fuel with 4x sidewinder (weird that semi recessed skyflashes have the same drag) but guess that roughly lines up. It still crawls up to that top speed far slower than anything else does in the last 100km/h or so but no sources for that I guess. Only definite thing is the instantaneous turn still being about ~2G off (~7-8G at 0.75M at SL 40% fuel instead of 9G at 60%) but that will hopefully be covered by the slat changes when it arrives.

Wish we had access to the F.3 ODM so we could get some proper acceleration figures.


In this upcoming update would you guys perfer a new aircraft or another tornado?

Maybe explained in the manuals, but do they have equivalents for with the fuel tanks? Most pictures I see of the tonka always have the fuel tanks.

not tornado or sea harrier, commonwealth aircraft is fine


I’m sure I’ve got some drag indexes for the F.2 with bags which would also apply 1:1 for the F.3. But will have to wait until after work.


You and me both mate. If one turns up be sure I’ll get my hands on it. Right now there is a pause on new Tornado docs until the Saudis/Germans/Italians pull their fingers out and retire the old girl.


Depends on the “new Aircraft”

(this is from the perspective of someone who only plays SB)

Sea Harrier FA2 would be an interesting aircraft to get, but would be another missile truck (though at least it would be able to defend itself in WVR)

Tornado F3 having BR appropriate weapons would mean its not instantly DOA.

but im also more than happy with mud moving at the moment. Just need some better aircraft for the job.

Tornado Gr1 being even 50% complete would be amazing

Tornado Gr4 would be hilarious to use

Harrier GR9A would be really interesting

So I’d have no issue with getting another Harrier or Tornado, but they just need to put effort into making sure its:

A) finished
B) competitive

After that, something like the Gripen could be intersting as a Psuedo Typhoon

But if its some random Indian aircraft, then I wont ever play it, no matter what. Even if its the most OP jet in the game by a country mile.


I doubt it, I take their confirmation that we are getting something as meaning for our TT. A C&P Tornado Gr1 that is premium is far from top tier, far from new and would probably kill the British community so badly that they might as well just delete the nation from the game