Panavia Tornado (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

I will ignore 12.0 in Arcade…

Hehe, luckily I never play AAB.

Ok time to grind 9m, 28k to go

Hehe, good luck, my update is nearly finished


I highly suggest people play the Tornado F.3 now. With the increase in max BR a lot of the high tier aircraft are getting pulled into 12.3 games, meanwhile the massive F-5C spam with people trying to unlock the F-16C is constantly pulling the Tornado into 10.3 games, where the only aircraft posing any real threat to you is the F-4S (and most of the people who play it aren’t that great at using it to it’s strengths).

The great RWR and minor Skyflash buff are also helping the F.3 out.

TLDR: The Tornado F.3 is great fun right now if you want to bully 10.3 aircraft.


That man is a liar. Or i am just unlucky. No downtiers.

I am getting some up tiers, but also had 3 down tiers in a row just now.

I was hoping for that, I don’t have the F.3 or the GR.1 but I have the MFG, I can’t wait to bully A-10s and F-5s again

Gr1 has gotten some cockpit HUD tweaks. The CCRP marker has changed and it now has its own timer ring (though it seems maybe a little buggy and doesn’t track the release time quite right)





Was hoping though with the Gr7 guidance line, that the Gr1 would have gotten the flight director for lofting. But not yet it seems


Actually, on further thought. i think its the same CCIP indicator it uses for both bombs and guns at which point i dont think its time but rather range. Shall have to check that. In which case not buggy and potentially useful information

Still no locked target tadpole (for when off HUD) or locked target indicator when on HUD in the Tornado F.3. Therefore still an absolute pain in the ass in sim. Which is now full of 14Bs, 29s and 16s regardless.

The Gr.7 could be a peach in sim, but it’s bloody difficult to target ID in VR, especially with the classic WT spotting problems of planes fading in and out. Of course, RWR helps to some extent. Very jealous of the radar in the AV8B+ right now…

Still no competitive option in top-tier sim for the Brits.

Tornado F3, agree completely. Does not belong in EC9 (or at least not as our only option) and the Radar HUD symbology would be a major QoL improvement. But Im actually having a blast in the Gr7 in SB. The lack of radar is a pain, but Im using the TIALD pod to VID targets at greater ranges than you normally could. No idea how that would work in VR though. But yeah, Brits in Top tier SB is very rough at the moment. We are strong in EC8, but nearly unplayable in EC9

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What does that have to do with anything?

Gunjob is clearly competent, others may not be. Trying not to sound disrespectful towards “average” or “below average” players.

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So you think cherry picking stats from someone who spends their life on war thunder is an accurate representation of how the Tornado F.3 is performing?

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I think it’s better to use stats from someone competitive than the general playerbase when the aircraft in question requires it’s own unique playstyle.

At the same time though gaijin uses the general stats of everyone to justify the BR if vehicles.

Taking stats from a single person is beyond stupid, regardless of how good they are. Not surprised that needs explaining to people on this forum though.