Panavia Tornado (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

It performs above average in mostly up-tiers with current matchmaker… according to Gunjobs stats.

They said it could receive improved weaponry with correlated BR increase in the future when they add fox-3s to other countries as well.

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Once again you are missing points made:

  1. You judging a plane’s performance according to one person stats is insane, not to mention that bringing statistics is a bit tricky: the plane currently ‘hold itself well’ according to server stats, because mostly good players play it, your average top tier player would never touch tornado or run away from it after a first match in it, it’s just like the story of the premium hawker typhoon and its nerfs. And simply if tornado actually was a good plane, then i wouldn’t be the only guy playing it in practically 90% of matches, i’m not exaggerate the number here.

  2. Perhaps you should try to read my posts first before typing, because i specifically mentioned the state tornado F3 was in before the so-called mid-course upgrades, that finally allowed it to use amraams with F&F as intened, so I assume that adding amraams without said upgrades would be fitting currently as it will not be a proper fox-3 still requiring to maintain a lock on a target untill hit, as I understand it. (and I asked to correct me, if I’m making a factual mistake here)

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Can you prove “mostly good players play it”?

Perhaps you should not assert a point such as “judging a plane by a single persons statistics is insane” only to then make a point based on an equally unfounded assumption?

And now we are entering the mental gymnastics territory or what they call it.

  1. Because your average player even in an unlikely case that he even makes it this far to get tornado, will walk away back to their f14\f16\mig29, because he’s constantly getting fragged and can’t do much in return obviously. To make a comparison, last time a british jet that could bite was added into the tree, which is harrier gr7, you would consistently see them played, even after the missiles’ flare resistance nerf. Tornado on the other hand is not played at all, of course solely due to reasons unrelated to its performance for sure.

  2. So me assuming that tornado currently being a pathetic jet in an unintended place that could use an easily implementable buff to weaponry with br increase based on the facts that it’s a completely unpopular plane which you will almost never see in matches and it being able to score anything currently only due to crutches like low br and the abundance of premium jets of the same or similar br played by players below lvl 10 even is an ‘unfounded assumption’? I see.

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Your 1st argument is that the average player will walk away to the F-14, F-16, or MiG-29 immediately after making the valid point that most don’t even reach top tier… nice. So if they ground out the Tornado they just quit the game? I have seen Tornado’s consistently all day today, about as much as I saw the F-14A or the Yak-141 in the past. Certainly you don’t think the Yak-141 is awful and that’s why I’ve yet to see one today in particular?

That second one was kind of hard to read with the lack of grammar… lol
But let’s give it a go. Yes. It’s unfounded.

The argument itself is extremely opinionated. One could make the argument that the aircraft would be better served removing the advanced armament and lowering the BR. Increasing it when the kinematics don’t perform up to par with other aircraft at it’s tier would hurt it more. It just isn’t going to benefit THAT much from improved armament imo.

Regarding the unfounded assumption, the weaponry buff is not easily implementable.
It’s not completely unpopular, I see it pretty regularly.
The BR it’s at is a crutch?
The abundance of premium vehicles at it’s BR is not applying to everything else and solely to the Tornado?
Do you not see how biased your assumption is?

There is 2 sides to this

The first: Is it a good 11.3?

I think so, it takes a lot of skill, and it actually being finished (SkyTrash Bug fixes, completed FM, etc) would help enourmously in it actually being a good 11.3. But no 11.3 is meant to be good vs uptiers, and its constantly uptiered at the moment. Meaning its 11.3 rating means little if its only facing 12s (and soon likely only 12.3s)

The second: Is it meant to be higher than 11.3?

I think it is meant to be our 11.7/12 A2A Fighter. In that role, it sucks. It is not even slightly on the same footing as the F-16/Mig-29/F-14/Mirage-2000. Its a missile truck meant for flying in a straight line, but its slower and less nimble than anything above it. (at least with the Phantom when it was top tier, it was faster than the compeition, you could run away instead of trying to turn fight, not a luxuary we have in the F3)

The fact that the Phantoms with a fraction of the radar power and weaponary is at the same BR, tells us 1 of 2 things. either the Phantoms are over-BRed or that the Tornado is meant to be a lot higher BR but it just cannot compete at that BR. So you have a highly compressed and strange BR bracket where the Phantoms and Tornados are the same BR, despite the fact they are suppose to be miles apart.

The Tornado F3 also has a SB BR of 11.7 (which is essentially identical to 12.0 at the moment) so clearly something is going on in that department.

Tornado F3, in my opinion was simply late. Should have come end of 2021 alongside aircraft like the Mig-23MLD. Instead it came halfway through 2023, over a year late and after Gen 4s like the F-16 and Mig-29. This means it should have been a “top tier” aircraft that should have been replaced by now, instead its not even finished and we still have no signs of anything better yet.

Tornado F3 CSP “Might” help, at least in SB it will actually have 12+ weapons not 11.3 weapons vs 12+ weapons. but its still probably going to be DOA. They’ve left additions too late to be effective additions. Sea Harrier FA2 might be good, and should be at least fun, but is likely going to be semi-DOA, meaning if we want anything competitive before Typhoon ,we are going to need to get some Commonwealth aircraft like the Gripen or Mig-29 or something just to stay in the game. And that would just suck.

What we need ASAP is the Typhoon. In a normal world. that would come within the next 6-9 months, based upon past track record… Id be surprised if we saw one in 2025. In the meantime, the best Britain has to offer in A2A is looking like the Gr7 for the next few months. 4x Aim-9M and a mountain of CMs means its going to be leagues better than the F3 again. If Britain is reliant upon a CAS jet to carry our top tier A2A power, then something is deeply wrong.

That is ultimately the issue. We have 2 nations entering 12.3, most have 12s and we have nothing higher than 11.3. (Harrier Gr7 with only 9Ls imo is only an 11.3, which is why its getting 9M instead of BR decrease) If we had gotten the F3 when 11.3 or 11.7 was max BR, then it would have been fabulous, great fun. It wasnt, it was added after 12 was max. Anyone wanting to play Britain, or only having Britain is left to face 12/12.3s in what is at the end of the day, an 11.3. That is simply not fun and that is the problem.


I’m in agreement with Mig23
The tornado is in a decent place at this time. The weapons and performance reflect it’s BR quite well, and has a major advantage in its radar while having on par flight and weapon performance with other nations.

Should we have received it earlier? Absolutely, but the technical documentation was not ready at the time and we would have received and had to deal with a completely unfinished aircraft for a very long time.

It does have the capability to get btter, Gen4 armament, but at its core it still barely performs better than a phantom, and it still in the same boat as all other 11.3s.

This was always how it was going to be when we got to these much more modern airframes, and the UK has absolutely nothing to give untill the eurofoghter, which also has very limited technical documentation.

For the time being, our best bet would be to have Canadian, south African or Australian aircraft untill such a time that the eurofoghter is ready.


Out of the 2 options (F-18 or Gripen) id take the F18. But based upon what i know of its performance and capabilities, we might as well just get a Typhoon by that point. That leaves the Gripen, which whilst it would be fun, it would be a real disappointment.

Our only hope other than Typhoon would Sea Harrier FA2 or Tornado F3 CSP (both amraam) before other nation got amraam. So we could out stick the competition. But the likelyhood of that happening is nil.

That means i hope they skip ahead and just add 13s to all nations. Including the Typhoon

It came to the live server

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I’ll have to see how it fairs in SB, but wouldnt be a WT update without something being broken for SB players.

I mainly ment the bug that causes right side of your RWR to just leave

Ah fair enough, just hope that isnt a buggy blind spot or something, that means you cant actually see anything in that area.

lemme check that

works just fine

That’s a relief, basically the only addition for Britain this update is the new RWR. which is actually a major QoL update for some jets in SB. Being able to know if its an enemy jet or a SPAA pinging me is going to make a huge difference, the fog of war on the RWR was annoying


Sea Harrier in the corner, Gr 7 9M looking at you

FRS1 being finished is great, and Gr7 has teeth (but I fear its BR increase in SB, need to check that when I get on) but still would have prefered an actual 11.7 or 12.0 A2A jet though, but at least I have a good option to hide from top tier now and spend ages in EC8. Though I am curious about how they incorporated 12.3s into EC. Smin never got back to me when I asked about it. wHich might meana 11.7s might now see EC8.


Ah sweet. THats a relief. Was afraid they whacked it up to 11.7 or something just because Aim-9M.

I will ignore 12.0 in Arcade…