Panavia Tornado (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

The problem is simple. Tornado F3 is a 11.3. Its the highest BR A2A aircraft we’ve got. Apart from sweden, everyone else has got 12s or 12.3s. And most got those 12s before we got our 11.3.

The Tornado F3 should have been replaced a few months ago not added a few months ago. And i dont think there is anyone here that thinks the Tonardo F3 should be a 12+ no matter how good an experienced players stats are


Ooooooo, tempted to take the F.3 out this weekend now.

Still, the SHar is my go to brit jet for pure fun.

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if a vehicle needs an extremely niche playstyle in order for it to perform adequate, it makes that vehicle in the general sense bad, or obsolete.

If they slap AMRAAM/ASRAAM’s on it it’s gonna need to go up there unless you think it’s okay to BVR F5-C’s. Ultimately though I think people are gonna need to accept the idea that the UK doesn’t have a top tier A2A aircraft, we’re sat a tier below and will be until the Typhoon makes an appearance.

Of course AMRAAM and Aim-9M or ASRAAM would result in a BR increase. For me and anyone else who plays SB its, for all intent and purposes, already at 12.3. So in that regard its not going to change a thing with wise of BR, but at least id have BR appropriate weapons.

For RB, yes it would net a BR increase but unless you think Britain having a Br11.3 whilst all other nations are 12.3 - 12.7 jets is fair, then its going to need something to actually fullfill a rank 8 A2A role.

Britain has several additions that would be viable.

Tornado F3 CSP
Sea Harrier FA2
Typhoon DA2
Gripen C

And whilst it wouldnt be an A2A role. It would be interesting to use and have some teeth to it

Harrier Gr9A/Tornado Gr4 with ASRAAM.

The beat option in my opinion would be a Typhoon DA2 with a compromise loadout (6x Aim-9L, 4x AMRAAM)

Any and all would be reasonable at the moment under the circumstances and all would be appropriate to be added this year or early next year

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They just introduced an Indian T-90 to the ground tree to give some variety there. Maybe they’ll reconsider giving us a commonwealth F-16 (Pakistan) or F-18 (Australia). I want a UK fighter than is actually fun to play, and not just a tactical interceptor with decent-ish missiles.

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I think with a little rule bending the New Zealand F16 might be a better option and i doubt F-18 from canada or Australia before US and theyve gotten enough top tier aircraft to last them another year

Gripen C from SA is most likely commonwealth addition at the moment, but unnecessary if they put in some effort

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Yeah I don’t see why not. New Zealand was certainly far closer to purchasing the F-16 than Japan was.

UK, and now Italy, have both got Harrier IIs long before the US too. Just coping because I’m fairly certain we will get nothing, but it’s nice to dream I guess.


Yeah, but whilst the harrier is an iconic british jet and i suspect US will get AV-8B+this year. F-18 is a well and truly iconic US jet. They wouldnt risk upsetting a major nation to give a minor nation a capable jet.

FA2 is where my money is at, though its only hope for being semi-competitive was being one of the few jets with Aim-9M. Now thats dashed, Gripen is the next likely for a semi-competitive jet as its likely coming to sweden this year already. Easy C&P

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gripen would be the lazy choice by gaijin considering sweden is said to be getting it this year, so i hope we dont get it yet and get the eurofighter

the FA2 would be neat, but im personally looking forward to the hawk 200 if/when that gets added
we have enough harriers as is id rather we get something that doesnt overheat after 2 minutes.

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That won’t be anywhere close to competitive, unfortunately.

true, at least not until it could get ASRAAMs (a pipe dream is that its the only plane to get them in the beginning)

however id still enjoy seeing it, 9Ls with AMRAAMs on a pretty speedy little jet (on a full internal fuel tank it would have a thrust/weight of 0.54 if im correct), hell it could even arrive next patch and it still be relatively useful still with AMRAAMs,
not necessarily top tier, but it would be up there (11.0 or even 10.7 if the snail is generous)

I think Hawk would make a fun 10.7 with the right AAMs

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I think Tornado Gr4 will be first with ASRAAM

It would probably be the tamest introduction of modern IR missiles they could do. Give them plenty of chances to collect data without it overwhelming lobbies.

That said I’d be concerned about the CAS side of things. The GR4 carried brimstones.

Which is why i also think ASRAAM is also needed for it. For it to be balanced in A2G it will be very high BR

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Well, tried sim again today. Tornado is still DOA because of all the reasons in my last post, so I went over to the Harriers.

The Sea Harrier is workable, but let’s face it, you’re a subsonic with no radar missiles facing Migs and J8’s, it’s not pretty. They’ll out-run you, out-turn you and out-range you. IFF at last is nice, though a bit tricky with the ground clutter. If you don’t get them in the head-on, you’re not winning a straight up fight.

The Gr7, hey at least this plane can turn! I tried to use the targeting pod as a sort of IRIS-T. Except in VR it wobbles around like crazy when in stabilised mode, and turns in large increments, so there goes any capability you had of locking a target, even for CAS.

Oh and it doesn’t show up on the HUD unless you have dumb bombs equipped, selected, and with the bomb sight mode enabled. So you can’t actually track the target on the HUD without hobbling your airframe with a bomb and neither can you fire an AAM while tracking the target on the HUD. Oh and the MFD just shows a black and white picture with no range/bearing/sight-limits information etc. Oh and you can’t use the DMT standard sight with the pod equipped, so you lose your minimum magnification option. So… frustrating. Not the only F word I’ve been saying this morning. Oh and the HUD doesn’t highlight thermal hotspots like it should. Oh and it doesn’t have MAWS so you’re going to get splatted by IR missiles without warning from supersonics sneaking around your airbases.

It’s not just me struggling with IFF, team-kills were aplenty today from all the Harrier pilots. Mostly on people failing to T-4-1.

With a bit of teamwor- hahaha wait this is war thunder, nevermind.

Given how well we Brits do with the meagre offerings we have, god help the enemy if we’re ever given anything half decent. Fix the F3, then give us a CSP with ASRAAMs (AMRAAMS can wait until everyone has Fox-3s). It won’t matter if it’s completely broken, because only 10 people play Brits anyway.


I’ve just done some testing in test-flight. No wonder I was struggling with spotting enemies/target-id, they don’t render!

This seems to be a widespread bug in this patch, at least, I’ve seen the same thing mentioned on Reddit.

@Gunjob is there an open/internal report for it?

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Been heavily reported on the forums too. Though I think its always been pretty bad for VR

The rendering problems are a very old bug. You have no idea how many of my deaths are to invisible Migs or Mirages, rendering both them and their missiles 1s before impact. Fun.