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Phimat and Towed decoys

That would take maybe 20-30 years afterwards

Hey, does anyone know that Tornado F3Late will have HMD?

tornado fighter variants never received HMD, neither did the strike versions afaik

Tornado GR.4 did, but you are correct in that the F.3 never recieved a HMD in any of its upgrade packages.

All the Tornado Variants should have something called PHC (pilot hand controller) which is a small joystick on the main stick that allows the pilot to manually slew the seeker head around. Allowing for limited HMS like functionality. I believe its on both the ADVs and IDSs. Its not the only airframe missing this. I think the F-14s are also missing it as well as a few others.

But alas its not modeled. (but I think its been suggested)

A proposed ultra-late variant of the Tornado F3 (that included upgrades like the ECR90 radar and EJ200 engines from Typhoon), may have had HMD suggested but it was never more than a proposal

The Tornado Gr4 did have HMS but it was limited to only ground attack weapons and wasnt intergrated with the ASRAAM (much to the annoyance of the pilots)


Didn’t Smin say the devs aren’t going to model the hand controller cuz it’s useless in their eyes ?

Probably. I suppose technically TWS allows for the same functionality. But Gaijin also dont think the completed flight model would make any difference to the performance of the Tornado.

But I hope they still model it some day (they did say the same thing about the emergency combat thrust but have recently changed their minds on that to “maybe” )

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Tiara had HMD


The problem here is the fact the tornado belongs to the three nations gaijin couldn’t care less about lol,

I mean The F14 got auto slats, all the soviet swing wings should not have automatic sweep, even the French get decent attention the m2k has had an FM buff on the dev server and the F1 had a sizeable buff last year. Minor nations just don’t get the same attention, I mean combat thrust is a perfect example they just have to tweak some numbers but nah, even after the mig 21 has had it modelled since it was added.

I just pray the typhoon won’t get the same treatment.


Actually that works kinda in our favour. Getting TLC for things exclusively British takes an age. But being 3 nations I can see it getting more attention sooner rather than later…especially as it’s Germany’s only top tier CAS apart from the 2x AGM-65s coming on the ICE

But yes, I do fear the typhoon nerfs

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Im assuming the EJ2000 engines wont be giving us any substantial thrust increases?

He meant EJ200.

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The proposal hes talking about never came to fruition but if EJ200 had be used in the stead of an RB199 the thrust increase would be significant


I hope we could see this, would make for a tornado that could actually be used. a nice counterpart if it came with a later f14 variant (which i know would still be far superior, but would be a nice comparison).

This is just me wanting a tornado that has some cumb of thrust.

We never will as it was just a proposal that never went further than just writing down some ideas for upgrades.



Yes it truly is

My god, its beautiful. shame well never see such a jet, good looking AND usable.


Combat thrust would be nice…I believe it’s around 10-15 percent extra power. That’s literally all that can be done for powers sake, not like it will be added any time in this century lol.

tornados are gonna have javelin syndrome where it takes over 3 years to get finished, or god forbid the mosquito waiting 8 years for attention.

It’s a shame the RAF never commissioned a prototype or mock for the EJ200 powered F.3 cuz then we could have plausible grounds for it to be added.