Panavia Tornado (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

Nice, thank you Gun and @Godvana
Also what Armada volume?


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@Gunjob that + brochure for IIR and Laser to be added to Tornado and Mirage in game? Bug report maybe?

Also do i count it closer to clear or closer to gold?


Yeah should be fine to report. You’re not trying to replace the PGM TV versions you want another version that is IIR. IIR is in game on loads of A2G weapons.

But yes it appears gold.


And maybe laser?
Sadly that one I have seen only as stand alone and on F-16

With a solid head? doubt it, more likely to just be a dummy seeker and its testing release and firing.

I was also doubtfull about it, but the “full” seeker is the only thing that diffirentates the named one
(you can see LASER PGM on it)
from the rest of them
Well, im going for the IIR PGM repor.

Same one here, just looks like a dummy seeker.

Thats pegasus, it was GPS irrc

Easier reading on that one.

So i guess laser ones are a no go as of now, untill we get a proper seeker photo

From @da12thmonkey old forum post, you can see one of the seekers a bit better here;

And one more thing
This one looks full, might not be, yet its a live one

That will be a TV during tests

Some random website had their names as such;

A PGM with a 500-pound warhead and an imaging infrared seeker, for example, would be designated PGM-500/3. The PGM-1/-2 went into production in 1990, and the PGM-3 in 1993. A PGM-4 program was terminated by the UK government in 1995.

Yea, naming schematic is A for 500 B for 2000 and 1 2 3 per guidence. Both for PGM and Hakim, so IIR 2000 would be PGM-3B. Sadly that comes from 3rd party sites

Yeah but could help with your searches. I don’t mean use it as a source but alternate queries.