Panavia Tornado (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

Cheers ❤️

Could the exception be the fact it’s Russian?

(I’m joking btw)

Hate the Radar changes the TWS mode now locks or doesn’t lock. It will lock anything even the ground it locks whatever it wants. The RADAR now seems to have a very slow (refresh rate/not sure that’s right) even using aim9 close range is pain with the RADAR on. Skyflash seem even more useless they don’t even follow the RADAR now.

We are now just food for F-14 the Phoenix changes make any hope of high altitude play a non starter (great work Gaijin, way to pander to the US again) even down low because Gaijin wont model seekers accurately they are hitting targets 10m off the deck!

F-14A and B need to go up they are dominating games.

Rant over what do I need to do to make the Tornado RADAR work like it did before?

Wasnt aware it had had a single change


It hasn’t.


The only change was automatic modes, maybe that is what the problem is here


Still miss my ACM Auto :(


Still missing that emergency power :(
Any news on it?

Be patient lol it won’t be added overnight, it’s just a topic for discussion for now

Yes thats it!

Really should have just been a toggle option in the settings. I miss it too


Forgot (conveniently) to answer

No, as I said once I do I’ll let you know.

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If we cant get it, we need that mig nerfed
he is going really wild to be honest xD but its fine, he’s documenting everything :)

Why buff the tornado if this guy can get everything else nerfed I guess :))


@da12thmonkey do you have those pictures in color by any chance?


Afraid not. I’ve only seen those scans online and don’t really know where they were published, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were only ever printed in black and white.
Sadly no attribution for where they were scanned from or who the photographer was

Thats sad, but thanks anyway

Found by my German Discord bro’s @Godvana . From “Armada International”