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Similar shape but different motor and seeker and warhead

Would only go on the GR4 tornado

Hellfire is either laser guided or in the case of the AGM-114L (which is not in game)designated a target to radar lock before launch.

Brimstone is autonomous. The pilot defines a target area and then ripple fires up to 12 Brimstones the in that general direction. The Brimstones then use their built in radar to scan the target area and identify all the radar targets in the area, they then compared all the radar signatures to an internal database to identify which radar targets are hostile tanks. Each Brimstone will then choose a different tank to engage.

Of course Gaijin may not model all that properly. But even if they just make it an AGM-114L that isn’t in game yet either.


It’s a Hellfire with AGM65D/F/G’s IIR gudiance. Simple. Both concepts are in game so put it on Tornado and be done with it.

no its not and would only go on a Torrnado that isn’t in game yet

Brimstone has a miller meter wave seeker not IR

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Maybe the ASSTA4 if they added that. But I doubt it.

Germany never integrated to there Tornados

I think it’s a “planned capability” for the ASSTA4 that has yet to enter service. So maybe in a few years

@x_Shini might know.

But assuming they only get the ASSTA3.1. then yeah, was never integrated

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Assta 4 is pretty much dead, that was only an idea.

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With the split controls now seemingly planned for the next major update, do we have any reports for adding the tornado’s correct amount of chaff from its pods?

Smin confirmed that is the plan and even said the tor ados are lne of the main reasons

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Words can not explain how irritating it is that the fuel tanks do not change with the camouflage scheme.