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Couldn’t they just use the Spike mechanics with locking on ground targets?

Tell that the AHEAD rounds that could just get the proxy mechanic

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Wish they were actually useful bombers

They are, just need to know how to use them.

isn’t much I can do against a MiG-23 turning on me as soon as I come in view and spamming R-60s until he gets close enough that they cant be flared or he can gun me down.

It’s less a tornado issue and more of an ARB/AAB problem. In Air SIM tornado is awesome.

With that having been said. The 3 TT tornados should be 11.0 in air and hopefully that will happen next major. They are also missing a lot of CMs. Currently 56 should be 56 flares and 1200 chaff. Should also hopefully be fixed next major.

Then finally at some point the FM needs finishing underperforming by a fair amount (not enough to dogfight anything but enough to help evade a missile)

(As an honourable mention, they also probably should all have IRCCM missiles)

But ultimately with the exception of air SIM, the gamemodes are just designed to be bad for strike aircraft like the tornado, and it’s very hard to get to target normally and obviously it shouldn’t be dogfighting.

Annnnnnd the ground radar / air radar capability

Yeah… Though tenative how useful theyd be outside of Air Sim.

Well ground radar, might help finding targets of opportunity easier. If it pings u moving enemies even in low altittude

Yeah, potentially. Just hope CCRP target points can be created using the radar

I mean, CCIP got buffed quite well ,with always getting shown, so you might be able to use that one for dumb bombs. Combining it with ljdams would be realy great yeah, automaticaly lock target pod to radar targets, that being said low altidue the pods are a bit iffy

Yeah. I think for the most part. It would be niche in GRB. If the GMR is any good though, it might allow you to target a part of the map and loft bombs at it. So if you know the rough location of the enemy. Perhaps a cap point. you could create a CCRP target point and loft from relative safety. Could be fun.

But its the other buffs that i think will have the greatest impact. Ive kinda given up hope of EVER getting in something resembling ground radar

Cap point should be chooseable trough mission target bomb release like bases

Yeah, it should.