Pakistan + Bangladesh ULTIMATE (and complete) Tech Tree

pakistan also has some version of the bayraktar, but seeing as pakistan also produces ts own drones, i excluded the bayraktar as a possible attack drone for pakistan (if ever added lol)

If I’m not mistaken Pakistan is supposed produce Akinci and TB-2

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BBT-2 has completed it’s trials and soon it will be revealed to the public. Hopefully it will get some offensive armaments.
Also our locally made attack drone is going to be revealed soon.

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considering the new ‘meta’ of drone warfare… itll be a necessary endeavour

BBT-2. This plane is based on Aermacchi M290-TP. It has 6 hard points to carry suspended armaments. Those suspended armaments are most likely going to be turkish origin. We might see Cirit 70mm rocket or MAM-L as it’s suspended armament.



At this rate soon we might see a combat capable jet.

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That is… very wishful

My predictions could be true since we already use cirit(we use it on our selex falco drone) and mam L(Bayraktar TB-2).
Most local defence forums have said that it can use suspended armaments since it’s inspired from Aermacchi M-290TP(Both are very similar in appearance). It’s only claimed by them so we have to wait for official statement on it’s armaments.

There is a major difference between a combat capable jet aircraft and what you called a “proper fighter jet”.

What is nowadays a proper fighter jet is beyond nations such as Bangladesh to design and produce without extensive foreign help, at which point one might as well just import something.
Even IF a fighter jet were made, it would not at all be comparable to local threats such as the HAL Tejas or Indian SU-30’s.

I think you have misunderstood my reply. I meant we might see a proper combat capable trainer or something like that. I didn’t mean it’s going to be a actual fighter jet.
I know Bangladesh does not have the capability to make modern jets on it’s own.

There is no misunderstanding on my behalf, it is a case of you phrasing things incorrectly if you didn’t mean what you stated.

I didn’t expect that people would take the literal meaning of it. Anyways I’ll edit my reply.

when in comes to combat capable trainer or propeller aircraft designed after 2000 with modern weapons, i honestly struggle to see balanced ways of implementation in WT. not on part of the designers but of the WT developers and managers.
because recently we have seen a focus on fast-paced, high explosive and high adrenaline based combat.
ig tictok and insta scrolling has ruined warthunder from ways we didnt expect


Al Zarrar with a weird looking turret


How I love such obscure modifications

al zarrar Thar tests modification?
regardless this could be a low teir event vehicle without the ERA blocks mounted…

That site mentioned sahara desert. Did Pakistan test it in sahara?

not as far as i know

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