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Al Zarrar with a weird looking turret


How I love such obscure modifications


al zarrar Thar tests modification?
regardless this could be a low teir event vehicle without the ERA blocks mounted…

That site mentioned sahara desert. Did Pakistan test it in sahara?

not as far as i know

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A move was also made in the 1980s to market the aircraft to the Pakistan Air Force with a license production manufacture of the aircraft. It was evaluated by a Pakistani contingent in the United States, with the F-20 being flown by Abbas Mirza, a senior Pakistani Air Force fighter pilot.[73] Of the components of the F-20, the radar would end up being the most successful; Taiwan selected it for the Ching-kuo, South Korea also adopted it for the KAI T-50 Golden Eagle trainer aircraft. As sales prospects were not apparent early on, GE sold their radar division, which was eventually acquired by Lockheed Martin.[74]

The MiG 29BM is Belarusian-made, not bongladesky in any way

It is not Belarusian made and no one here ever stated that it is Bangladeshi made either.
The mig-29 was purchased by Bangladesh and some units were sent to Belarus for modernisation to SMT standard.

MiG-29 Air Force of Belarus MiG-29 Air Force of Belarus MiG-29 Air Force of Belarus MiG-29 Air Force of Belarus
Belarus accounted for about a hundred MiGs. By 2000, there were about 50 vehicles in service. Belarusians sold some of the planes, and some required repair. In 2003, the fleet of combat-ready MiG-29s was brought to 65 vehicles, concentrating them on the 927th air base.
In May 2005, at the Ml LEX 2005 exhibition in Minsk, the republican unitary enterprise “558th Aircraft Repair Plant” (Baranovichi) for the first time presented materials on the modernization of MiG-29s in service with the Air Force of the Republic of Belarus.
All development work was carried out on an aircraft with on-board No. 05, which became the first modified MiG-29BM fighter. Its tests were successfully completed by the summer of 2003

Well MiG 29 BM isn’t Belarusian made. MiG 29 BM is Belarus’s upgrade package for MiG 29s. It is Belarus’s equivalent of MiG 29SMT. Belarus’s MiG 29BMs are quite different from the one Bangladesh has. Bangladesh sent their MiGs to Belarus to get an upgrade. The upgrade package was same as Belarus’s MiG 29BM but Bangladeshi one just lacks the air to air refueling capability and enlarged fuel tank. Apart from that it is same as Belarus’s MiG 29BM.

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what is this supposed to tell me?

Any updates guys?

got my exams going on so i might be on hiatus for a bit, but ill include rank I to rank III after i get back, plus naval will finally get a real TT.
plus some br adjustments and maybe some new vehicles

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agreed. subtree of chinese TT

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You want another f-16, mirage and jeff in China? As well as migs

Erase this post quick, don’t let Gaijin see this, they will add on Italy tech tree

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isnt land rover british?

lmao Italy being settled as the pizza delivery guys of WT

All fast things with wheels with a gun above who can deliver pizza it’s added on Italy