Pages of History (May): For Victory!

In this month’s Pages of History, you’ll be at the center of events that took place in different theaters of war. Borneo, Italy, Africa and the final days of World War II in Europe: take part in battles with the vehicles corresponding to these historic battles and receive prizes.

From May 1st until May 31st, you’ll be offered 8 tasks consecutively. Completing each will reward you with a trophy, and completing all of them will earn you a unique player icon.

In the final stage of the War in Europe, the hoisting of the red flag over the Reichstag became a matter of Soviet national prestige. However, the building was turned into a fortress, which was defended by hundreds of Germans. On April 30th, 1945, under the cover of artillery, a detachment led by Lieutenant Semyon Sorokin broke into the building, captured one of the exits from the basements where the Germans were hiding from shelling, and quickly made their way to the roof, where they were the first to hoist the Victory Banner. For his courage, Sorokin was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Semyon Sorokin

You can immediately purchase this profile icon for Golden Eagles until June 3rd, 11:30 GMT without completing tasks. To find it, go to your Nickname → Achievements → Pages of History.

Trophy reward for each task

Completing each individual task will give you a trophy with one of the following rewards:

  • 20-50% RP booster for 3-10 battles;
  • 20-50% SL booster for 3-10 battles;
  • 3-5 universal backups;
  • Premium account for 1 day;
  • A random camouflage for ground vehicles (out of the selection of camouflages currently obtainable in game for completing tasks, or purchasing with Golden Eagles).

Other terms

  • Tasks are available from 11:00 GMT until 11:30 GMT on the final day of each task.
  • Tasks can be completed in random battles except for “Assault” mode.

You can see a detailed description of what task is for what day and your overall progress by going to your Nickname → Achievements → Pages of History.

May 1st — May 4th
Operation Oboe

On May 1st, 1945, the battle for Tarakan Island, located near Borneo, began: oil production was live there, and the Allies planned to use it as a springboard for further air operations. Within a week, the Allies reached the city of Tarakan, the largest in the region, and a week later they captured it. The remnants of Japanese forces on the island continued to resist until mid-June.

May 4th — May 7th
Battle of Madagascar

After Japan's successful forays into the Indian Ocean, Britain began to fear the appearance of a Japanese military base in Madagascar, which at that time was controlled by the Axis-controlled Vichy regime. On May 5th, 1942, British troops landed on the island, but failed in a frontal attack on the Vichy positions, and the battle dragged on until November.

May 7th — May 10th
The end of the World War II in Europe

Germany waged full scale war in Europe, and its surrender ended it. The whole world rejoiced: the sky bloomed with fireworks, the people celebrated, and soldiers marched, not to battle, but in honor of a great Victory!

May 10th — May 13th
Operation Diadem

In May of 1944, Allied and Axis forces clashed in the final battle of Monte Cassino. The Gustav Line proved to be Germany's most resilient line of defense in central Italy: it held out for more than six months, and only after the success of Operation Diadem were the Allies able to advance on Rome..

May 13th — May 17th
The end of the Tunisian campaign

By May 1943, Axis forces in North Africa were surrounded in Tunisia and deprived of supplies and the ability to evacuate. Hitler's decision to throw more forces into the North African front led to the fact that on May 13th, up to 300 thousand Italian and German soldiers were captured by the Allies.

May 18th — May 22nd
Battle of Crete

From May 20th to May 31st, 1941, the battle for the island of Crete took place. It began with a German landing supported by the Italian navy and air force. This was the first major airborne operation in history, and despite heavy losses for the Germans, it ended in success: the Greek forces and the British garrison were destroyed.

May 23rd — May 26th
The Senger Line

The network of German fortifications in Italy following the Gustav Line was originally called the Hitler Line, but the Fuhrer personally ordered it to be renamed shortly before its fall to avoid reputational losses. And indeed: it took the Allies only four days after breaking through the Gustav Line to overcome the Senger Line.

May 27th — May 31st
First flight of the F-4 Phantom II

The F-4 Phantom II supersonic two-seat fighter, developed by McDonnell Douglas, first took to the skies on May 27th, 1958. By the mid-1960s, it had occupied an important place in the US Air Force aircraft line-up, and by the end of its production in 1981, it had become the most produced American supersonic combat aircraft in history.


Cool Profile Pic. Might go for this one, it’ll be my first

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Neat to see and will definetly be going for it! However I hope we don’t get two people from the same nation in a row too often, variety is the spice of life! :)


The next one will be American or British. Or one of the other allies

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Cool picture for WW2 Fans.

Again please return monthly decals.

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Maybe no more adding personalities to the Pages of History? (sarcasm)
Please stop this conversation.
If you want to see a certain person in the Pages of History, you can suggest an event and a character who distinguished himself there. But not an Axis representative


Hi guys, as a reminder, please keep mind politics do not have a place on the forum. This is not the place to discuss them.

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Why can’t we have an axis ace or commander? Always russian profile pics again and again is a bit repititive.


Pages of History should be discontinued then, war is inherently political. Or it should be limited to peace-time accomplishments.


It’s already been answered multiple times why there won’t be an axis pic.

Small events based around historical battles and stages in history is something many people wish to see and have requested. We have no plans to discontinue the pages of history events.

Political discussions are not required and against the rules. There are other places online where you can go to discuss politics. This forum is not one of them.


Said it last year, will say it again, a month-long event where you can only complete it for free if you own and fly an F-4 Phantom is kinda unfair to a lot of players.

Why is the Red Army being included in Pages of History though? They did horrible things during the war


One month of playing for a pfp that i probably won’t use.
At least back in the day the monthly decal collection was worth the grind . …

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Or you can just look at it as a reason to play particular lineups and you get a few little cookies for jumping thru the Snail’s hoop…

This is the closest thing WT has to a “campaign mode” tied the actual history the vehicles represent. I wish people would stop bitching about the stickers.

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