Pages of History (May): For Victory!

I noticed the last one is Phantom, and I don’t have a phantom, neither can i justify using real money to buy one so…guess i’ll skip this one actually x-x

Yes, but this time, it’s not really a surprise.
I didn’t have a Phantom last year, but I expected this task to return, and now I can do it.

Why do we even need an F-4 Phantom for a Pages of History event about VE Day?

Whining about stickers, but not about how all of these events are repeats from last year… /rolleyes

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It’s dumb that there is still Gaijins rule against German soldiers… I mean obviously we shouldn’t make pfps of war criminals like Dirlewanger or something but not even someone like Erich Hartmann or Franz Stigler?


shot 2024.05.01 16.19.59
shot 2024.05.01 13.52.05
Seems like the same LVT being allowed twice. Russian badger LVT and TD P-40E seem to not be there or it just displayed weirdly. Also no chinese or US LVT A4 despite it being in description. maybe localization issue idk.

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