Pack sale for consoles for Christmas 2023?

Will there be pack sales for console this Christmas? I have yet to see one but some people say its still possible

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They just had like 7 packs on sale which never happens. I doubt we will see another pack sale but you never know.

When was that?

I think he means the warthunder quiz sale, which is not much of a β€œsale” as all of the packs were full price. We won’t know anything about the pack sales until the 26th, per [Event] Celebrate Christmas and the New Year in War Thunder! - News - War Thunder

I do realise that it says store but the console logos are shown in the picture, is there a chance? Do you know when the last console pack sale was?

Yeah, i was wondering about that as well since it had all the platform logos under the sale announcement; the last pack sale on xbox at least was right at the start of the month and was essentially the same packs that were on sale in the gaijin store/steam from black friday. However, that’s the first one in idk at least 3 years so who knows if we’ll get this one but here’s hoping.

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Im hoping too, all the premium planes for GE are below my br

They were running them before Christmas they had the challenger that Swedish light tank and the Chinese medium tank half off as well as some aviation packs.

Playstation had a sale. On xbox nothing

They did run a sale on Xbox but it wasn’t advertised well, it seems like not many Xbox players noticed it.

This sale was in November. With a small selection of vehicles and aircraft. Only because all platforms were announced on the War Thunder website and on December 26th. A news article was supposed to come in 2023, which didn’t come, mind you, about how the sale should go. I think it’s understandable that the xbox users are angry!

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Totally agree. But I was happy that in stead of the usual three packs on offer we got seven if only the had advertised it better so mor Xbox players were aware of the sale.

What I personally find interesting is that Microsoft and Gaijin blame each other. Microsoft says that Gaijin has to authorize the sale. Complaints in the Microsoft forum have also been increasing since 2022.

Still NOTHING for Xbox, why?

I think the sale comes in the future but Nobody knows when, my thought was the Sale Starts After the full alert bundle sale is gone but i was wrong.

damn it i was really hyped for the KVT but i guess im gonna have to wait or just start farming again from where i left

The KVT is also my go to Tank :) got already the Wolfpack and the XM1 Chrysler

Xbox Sale is Here 😜

Oh God THANK YOU, i wouldve got it so late if you hadnt told me cause i havent been playing for a while, thank you again

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