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Everyone “has read” the EULA / ToS that they have signed to play… right ?!?

As its been mentioned… pretty much everything that was said in the OP has broken the EULA / ToS that you have signed and agreed with when you signed up to play the game

No i dont when playing a game it’s too much reading who read rules when wanting to play the game

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Plus it doesn’t say how much time i have of the chat ban it just says “This action may be retrospective” There’s no time of ban like i said this is my first time this every happened to me so what now

You should REALLY Read the rules…

3.8. It is not allowed to discuss threads closed by the Administration or Website Managers or any Users’ posts deleted by them, challenge or discuss corresponding actions of Administration, Moderators (and/or Global Moderators), Community Managers, Coordinators, and Game Masters in any form.