Overpulling/Wing ripping FM bug

Hey there, currently kinda new to the forums, but not so new to Air RB and the Overloading bug with some planes flight models.

Bug; a random moment of increased overload on some planes after sustained pulling cause them to pull an excess amount of G’s at certain speeds. Some planes can pull a full extra 3-4 G’s after a second or two and their wings disintegrate.

My 1st question; Has the bug been acknowledged and will it ever likely get fixed? Having to manually prevent yourself from wing ripping is time consuming, and getting crew locked because of this is frustrating. (A bug preventing me from playing the planes and game in general should be a high priority to fix, should it not?)

My 2nd question; What are all the other planes with this flight model problem? I can currently list the following as having this problem; The Kfir C.7 and possibly C.2, The AMX (Italian CAS plane), Some A-4 variants and possibly all of them, Some F-104 variants and possibly all of them, the F-8U-2. If there are any others I’m unaware of or forgot please let me know, thank you!

(Also heard from someone the Kfir C.1 also has this problem but it doesn’t overload enough to rip the wing tips unless you rolling while pulling)