Overpressure from enemy ammo detonation in Arcade?

I just died to something I don’t understand, I was in my T-34 1942 and was right next to a Marder 3 when I shot it and det-ed it’s ammo, but for some reason my tank self-destructed afterwards with nobody being credited with the kill (that I saw), no kill cam was given as if I wasn’t shot, and the kill-feed said I had bailed from the tank when I couldn’t have because I don’t even have that binded. When I returned to the hangar after the mission I had a minute countdown on my tank saying I couldn’t use the crew because they were still in the mission even though I didn’t bail nor did I leave the mission early.

My current theory is that I got over pressured or something from the Marder’s ammo going up but that doesn’t make sense, anyone got any ability to confirm or refute this?

Edit: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On Approximately 6:15 it happens, game said “RaiderLeader666 has been wrecked” and said the damage sustained was ammo detonation, this still makes no sense though.

Yes, I already saw it happening to others and I also had it happening to me when a Panther from my team got killed and my T-34 died from it’s explosion.

The marder 3’s ammo explosion killed you. Heres a video when similar thing happened to me

Well then, thanks, that explains a lot of my friend’s mysterious deaths

Don’t know about arcade but this is 100% a mechanic in RB that I’ve seen dozens of times over the years. I’d guess that it’s the same in AB.

Recorded it and made an edit out of it at the tip of a friend who I showed it to, can’t share it though cause it’s too big (just under 10 Megs) so instead I’ll share the Discord link to the video so you can watch it via discord.


I see it for years on light vehicles, what was new for me was when I died on the T-34.

It’s stupid that it classifies your crew as bailed though and not dead so you have to wait before using them again

Same thing happend to me in M1A1 AIM. Me and my teammate were attacking a tank. I destroyed the tank and immediately I got kicked out of the tank and the same happend for my nearby teammate.

What’s weird is I think it depends on your location near the tank too, just blew up an M4A3 105 in my T34E STZ and got kicked out cause I was on it’s side when I blew it up but the KV1 that rammed it at the front to hold it in place took no damage it seems.