Overlouded gunshots in Naval

Every time I’m going to naval I have to lower (pretty much) sound volume due to extremely loud gunshots.
Default sound level alignment of Ground & Air are OK, but Naval for some reason is 2x times louder which causes severe discomfort.

I tried to issue a bug report:

But it get closed without explanation and even creepier thing is that nobody but me can see the Issue via link: Gaijin.net // Issues

Here is a poll to check if this a wide issue:

Are Naval gunshots too loud in compare with Air and Ground modes:

  • Much Louder
  • Louder
  • Normal

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Yes, the volume is definitely deafening in naval battles.

But likely the real reason why your issue is just closed without comment is simply because you’ve not raised the issue in a conducive manner and just comes off as rude and doesn’t nail down any issue precisely past the title itself.

Maybe you should have written it as so:

Sound balancing in Naval battles is excessively loud in comparison to the other game modes, I usually have to adjust my volume down by (amount) due to the increased volume. On asking other players and streamers, they experience the same issue.

(link to screenshots or clips of people agreeing/raising the same issue)

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Bonjour Misure, apart from donating to War Thunder I decided to spend some of my fortune for soft skills leveling, from bug reporting perspective ofc 😉.
Thx for pointing out a potentional reason 🤗

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From the poll I can see that it affects ~ half of the players, which is interesting 🤔

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Created new bugreport Gaijin.net // Issues in less emotional tone as @mitts marked for potentional reason of silent closure of the previous report.

Surely, I have to keep it sane and patient while:

  • spending personal time to report a
  • health damaging issue after
  • supporting this project, to not to get
  • silent closure without any explanation, from a
  • volunteer who validates bugreports for in-game revenue (I hope at least)
  • for a MMO product where 2+ premium pack vehicles being released each update
  • with interesting balancing that will poison gameplay for whole +/-1 BR bracket
  • for a month or several years (USS Proffit/Frank Knox, XP-50, M-802, Vidar, Su-11, Ka-50, TO-55, 2S38, MPK Pr.12412P, Wyvern, PG 02, …)
  • yes, I know that balancers tend to release deadborn premiums too, but that is not an excuse

Found a solution:
TLDR: problem is that Gunfire Volume has minimal value of 50%

Gunfire Volume has minimal value of 50% (for no reason), solution is to rearrange other parameters so the general Volume will be as low as possible. I took Other Player's Engine Volume parameter as main reference by setting it to 100% and changed only general Volume to lower the engine sound.
Screenshot#1 - problem, screenshot#2 - fix