Outclassed teams

Do you think having a matchmaker that constantly generates one sided, unbalanced teams is advantageous>? If you could please explain your rationale for this? It seems counter productive but as I am lacking all of the data that you use, I may be missing something crucial.


Matchmakers aren’t magic everyone has a different playstyle and the matchmaker can’t account that. Everyone also has good/bad days and what not, sometimes people just perform better or worse than they do on average. It is in the best interest of the matchmaker to provide balanced teams.

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it does not have any matchmaker, the game just stacks players in one team or other as they are available.

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well every german teammate is the worst player in the game so it is highly unbalanced as anyone who has any skill doesnt play germany… or the us

besides toptier … what is wrong with germany and the US?

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its gotta be how people play them to be honest, germany is rather solid overall, no clue abt the air though, tanks very nice from what i remember, us air is pretty good but the tanks suck majorly also i guess i only do top mid tier / low top tier so i wouldnt necessarily be able to comment on the non end game experience

It happens to me in all nations. New players flock to the game in large numbers and rush to the top without learning anything. I’m currently suffering on 4.3 with the Russians.

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Imo there should be ranks or elo system in game in ground rb it would balance things out and with 100k players the wait time would not be long

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I see a problem for better players. It is like a pyramid. maybe 5% are outstanding … then 25% are excellent and so on. For those who got that good the waiting times would increase. We can’t deny the fact that there are more bad players then excellent players.

Its easy to advance too deep into the German tree so most players don’t have the experience and skill (players and crew) for the tier they are playing at. And then there is also the demographic Germany attracts. But its more the later than the former.
Yeah, the matchmaker doesn’t care about player “quality”, so new players have miserable games and old hands have boring click thrus. The only ones who enjoy the current state of the game are probably the lazy sociopaths.

Thats why Ive been seeing 10.0 tanks in my 3.0 airplane

What do you mean by this? I often have battle that is not decided until end of the match.

Yes btu that does not mean the 5% would not be able to play with that 25% it all comes down to the balancing of matchmaking which is doable without changing a lot ^^

just like in cs:go where you have elo and sometimes you get matched with even 5k more elo pts but still you can win