Otomatic need buffs and move to lower BR

Who ever played it know that Otomatic isn’t a 11.3 SPAA. It is personally i would say a 10.0 SPAA. The limitation of only 12 rounds of APFSDS should be also lifted up. Then there is the 1st stage/autoloader reload. I’m sorry but putty 1 shell into it for 10,5 seconds is just was to slow for a SPAA that can fire 2 shells per second. Especially when you compare it to 2S38 (which is also SPAAg irl) that it just much better then that, even when comparing proxy rounds for some reason the 57mm one on 2S38 looks that they work better then on Otomatic 76mm one.


Unfortunately, because the Italian tree is played with only a little the game will not care much about developing or repairing things like this important thing the Russian tree for example or American or German because they have the largest number of players and the company achieves the biggest profit

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