Otomatic improvement suggestions

The Otomatic use to be one of my favorite SPAA’s , but as the game as progressed, the Otomatic is feeling less and less impactful or useful. I don’t believe the Otomatic needs any crazy buffs or too many changes, just some simple ones and maybe some changes to its competition. Arguably the 2S38, its better in nearly every metric that counts and is at a lower BR. The 2s38 gets a faster shell, quicker reload and being lower tier, faces easier targets. On other hand, only thing the Otomatic gets, is more HE filler, radar and a better APFSDS round, though limited in number.

I believe the Otomatic problems, lie with the soft stats of the gun performance and its BR rating. The gun on the Otomatic itself is fantastic, but the ready rack replenishment takes way too long.

I propose the following suggestions as a way to bring life back into a beloved favorite.:

  1. Would recommend buffing it from 10 seconds, to about 6 seconds.
  2. Buffing the shell velocity for 910 to 930ms.
  3. Buffing HE-mom kill range to take in account the rounds pre-fragmentation
  4. Loosen Ammo restrictions and let us a bit more or a lot more APFSDS, to match 2S38
  5. Move down in br from 11.3 to 11.0 or 10.7

Replenishment Speed

  • Yes -To 8 seconds/ -2 seconds
  • Yes -To 7 seconds/ -3 seconds
  • Yes -To 6 seconds/ -4 seconds
  • Yes -To 5 seconds/ -5 seconds
  • No

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Shell Velocity

  • Yes - 915 m/s
  • Yes - 920 m/s
  • Yes - 925 m/s
  • Yes - 930 m/s
  • Yes - 930+ m/s
  • No

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Explosive Radius

  • Yes
  • No

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Ammo Loadout

  • Yes - 24 Rounds of APFSDS
  • Yes - 29 Rounds of APFSDS
  • Yes - Full load of APFSDS
  • No

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Br Rating

  • Yes - 11.0
  • Yes - 10.7
  • Yes - 10.3
  • No

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The sad thing is that Gaijin won’t improve OTOMATIC until he puts in a new SPAAG for the Italian top tier… and I think it will take too long perhaps, and too many br.

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