Other ways for gaijin make to money instead of nerfing everything

Why dont gaijin sell merchandise such as t-shirts/ sweatshirts, baseball caps, coffe mugs, teflon coated mouse mats, even potted house plants that look like tanks 😆 Instead of nerfing everything?

Because they are not youtubers selling tshirts and coffee mugs to kids

Where is the problem with YTers selling T-Shirts and mugs?

They don’t have a good game.

Ayo,If I really see someone wearing a T-shirt with a giant snail logo on it, I would think that person is crazy.

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Maybe I should sell T-Shirts too … oh wait … I already do ^^

I never said there is problem with it. Are you insecure about it?

No, just asking.

Have you recently been told that you are a kind and friendly person?

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Why do you think “nerfing everything” is a money making scheme to begin with? Other than “This was too strong and nerfing it makes the game more balanced and thus fun” how else would nerfing stuff make a bunch of cash?

Im just taking the piss, im having a bad day trying to get a decent match and when i do, i do school boy errors and die

Remember how Battlefield 2042 came out and literally none played it and Battlefield 3 remained always more populated than it?
Remember how some dudes in a shed developed a roblox battlefield (Battle Bit) and sold way more copies than BF2042 did?

Realism and balancing become much less important when the core gameplay is good.

No, still less insecure than that guy selling mugs xD