Other players stats?

why isn’t a way to check other players stats ? I mean, on a official way with detail, the same way one can see own stats

Any why do you need it? To cope?


Well there is one.

Ingame: right click Player, choose Player card.

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Are You ashamed of Your own stats?

Who isnt? 😁😁😁😁


I’m not.

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If you’re meaning player cards/service record, then in the hangar you can go to Contacts, Add a Contact, and then search on a player name. You can then view their player card. Remember that player names are case sensitive and can have lots of weird or other-language or non-printing characters so your search may not work or may bring back the wrong person. Also remember not to add them if you don’t want to :)

If it’s after a game you can go to Server Replays, find the replay, start viewing it then you can right-click the player’s name (the ones shown on the left and right of the screen) to see their player card.
This is also a better way to find a player with lots of unusual or other-language characters in their name.
(this can also be done in a game as Punktelieferant mentioned)

You can also view Leaderboards and see player cards. But that might be quite limited to finding a specific player.


I dont care about them in first place. Feel free to find me on thunderskill so you can cope. And dont forget to brought premium vehicles I bought because even then, you will still come to this forum tomorrow and whine.

If You really didn’t care You would not react like that

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We got internet psychologist here xD

What this reaction tell about me?

So now making simple remark requires some kind of degree?

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Yes, its law since 1st November.

Sorry but Your reaction tells it all

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Here we go again xD

My stats are better than yours. I am also well-endowed.

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thank you !

Are you sure you got 43k+ battles in this game?🙄

He’s a player, not a checker.

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No problem, thanks for your thanks.

I feel like there should be a more normal way rather than what feels like a work-around, but it is what it is.

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