Other countries getting better US missiles than US itself?

Can someone explain why is it even a thing that US doesn’t even get it’s own stuff?
There was an argument from my friend saying it’s for balance purposes, but how the fuck do you balance two different missiles?
Afaik, AAM4 is currently shitting on every other missile in almost every test and the country that made it is not the one who gets it lol.
This just seems turned on it’s head, I actually wanna hear the argument of why US shouldn’t get the missiles it developed.


Wdym? Japan made AAM-4 and they have it.


Wow another nation that took a US jet and made it better its not like this has been done to death


Wasn’t AAM4 built off the foundation of aim120c?? Also what about aim120b for israel?

don’t particulary care someone took another nations missiles and made them better, aam4 wasn’t made off aim120a, was made off aim120c platform?

AIM-120B isn’t better

In game it is the same as AIM-120A

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So you want AIM-120C ahh no

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Sounds like a US problem that they havent made AESA AMRAAM but Japan had to do it lol. I wonder what you gonna do when you get to know that AMRAAM is actually the second worst BVRAAM atm. With Meteor being best,then MICA and PL-12. While AMRAAM is second worst right above R-77.


I don’t particularly want aim120c for the US, i in particular want a balanced gameplay. Afaik currently the aam4 shits on any other missile in the dev server (which i know is subject to change), but since when does balanced mean, give better missiles to one country and worse missiles to others? I’d expect them to be long range and shit G pull and low range and high G pull. Not just be the same missile and oh no, u grinded out the bad tree, it just pushes the agenda of one tree in particular being the best

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If you wanna call it a US problem then aam4 shouldn’t even be in the game if aim120c isn’t. Yes they maybe made the missile better themselves, but started on the amraams that aren’t even in the game yet?

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I understand and feel your frustration dear Rico, but you just have to come to peace with how this game is.

Everything is for the sake of absolutely ridiculous and cringe balancing.

The balance would be for everything to get what it historically had and then it would just come down to tactics and skill.


But this is impossible.

This community will not allow that, for learning how to counter something is insane to the common player of this game.

Their go to fix for everything is whining for the most ridiculous artificial nerfs.

So again I am sorry and you just have to come to peace brother.

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no it wasn’t its a completely domestic missile. if anything its closer to the sparrow in terms of development. (as in the AAM-4 was meant to replace sparrows they had.)


AESA AMRAAM is irrelevant, that was AAM-4B

AAM-4 is a japanese missile. US did not develop or use it.


Why shouldn’t the US get the AIM120C with Japan getting the AAM4?


Because it isn’t needed

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Is the AAM4 needed?

America is getting the AIM-150C on the F-15C, as shown in the trailer.

Yeah as Japan won’t have a fox 3 without it

Give them the AIM120A.