Ostwind 1 & 2 BR

The Ostwind II has absolutely no right to be at that BR. if compared to other Nations AA’s at that BR it is possibly the worst in almost every way. Shitty slow Pz4 chassis, kinda same turret speed as most bofors AA’s, Penetration stats on AP rounds are the worst in all nations (except britan and israel). it also makes absolutely no sense that the Ostwind II is so far away from the regular Ostwind. the only difference is one more gun and one more Hans (crew). So either please move the Ostwind II closer in BR to the Ostwind I or give it its HVAP ammo wich a lot of people already want. the Ammo it currently has has barely enough penetration power to go into the side of a t34.

oooooor just use the Ostwind II for what it was meant to be used as. SPAAG having AP is just for self defense, not to go be used as a wannabe TD. Doable, but it isn’t their main role.


cool. then remove/nerf the AP belts of all other AA’s. we’ll see how the community likes that. and what is self defense worth if you cant pen anything that isnt a light tank. especially since you cant shoot out barrels anymore. only works 10% if the barrel youre shooting at is 90° to you

Edit: an even if i use it purely as an AA it shouldnt be almost 2 full BR’s above the almost exact same tank


dude it’s just there so it has a line up, that’s it

Reduce the Ostwind’s Br, give the I & II APCR, and then implement the Zerstörer 45:

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Ostwind and Ostwind II sit at an absolutely fine BR.
Yes, their mobility and survivability aren’t remarkable, but I find that not enough credit is lent to the firepower.

The vehicles have enough firepower to deal with quite a bunch of things frontally despite it not being the point of the vehicles. The PzGr it autocannon fired APHE and can easily deal with practically anything through the side, which is where you’d ideally want to be located when facing a tank as an SPAA anyways.

This isn’t the main thing it has going for it though, it is the anti air potential.
Yes, the turret rotation isn’t the greatest, but it gets the M.Gr.18 shell; a shell fired from an autocannon that has more explosive mass than some medium caliber cannons! You can literally overpressure vehicles with this round, it’s ridiculous.
Sure, the fire rate isn’t amazing and aircraft can slip through your shots, but I’d just take that as a wake-up call to work on aim.

I believe what happened here is that big autocannons were seen as the main armament which led to the expectation that it’d be a great tank destroyer, but made you forget it’s an SPAA first and foremost.


then what about M19/42. way different hull and yet one is 4.0 and the other 4.3

tell me 1 vehicle that you pened with APHE frontally that isnt a shitty cold war light tank for example M41, PT76. also like i said 7/9 nations (germany not included) have more than 70mm pen at around that BR and 4 of these have ~90mm. there is no point in keeping the HVAP away from the ostwinds and there is still no reason why 1+ barrel means ~2BR higher. just compare the Ostwinds with other nations AA’s and you will see what i mean.


“Tell me what I can hurt but exclude the things I can hurt”

well you couldve mentioned some other light tanks that arent cold war. like M18/M36/M24. however my point isnt the front, my point is the capability to destroy some tanks from the side that arent medium tanks. The praga for example can kill ANY german tank that is a lower than it in BR and even in a full uptier it can still pen every german tank. even most american heavies. The 40mm Bofors have 70mm pen wich is enough to kill all medium tanks in game at roughly its BR. the Ostwinds are struggling against the side of a regular t34. shermans are good to kill from the side, but only to a certain angle.


Try shooting at suspension height then, because those parts are always flat and often less armored. You can easily murk a Jumbo that way and it’s often a good way for SPAA to deal with stuff such as the Tiger tanks.

i was talking about that area. still 45mm armor on the t34. and on the Jumbo you must be lucky. didnt even knew that to be honest, thank you for pointing that out.


They have the same ammo, weaponry, and gun handling. Hell the m42 has a smaller gun shield. You can literally MG their ammo bro. The ostwind 2 obliterates all aircraft around its BR with 1-2 hits.

Dude, stop trying to kill tanks with SPAAG. Not designed for it, AP for self defense when needed and pen isn’t much. If its a heavy, track it, take out barrels, side shot if can, bully it then run away while its stuck doing 20 + seconds of repair. If it’s a light, open tank, then can kill it with ease then back ya go to killing air targets. End of story.

so does the ostwind 1 so why the huge difference.

i just want balancing. either they get the good AP or all other nations get shitty ap in their AA’s like the ostwind’s do

Edit: and sadly barrel barely works anymore. people complained that their barrel gets taken out to often so they nerfed it.

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1/2 the rounds downrange

sure thing. but still compared to the M19/M42 it makes no sense. slower hull, one of/the slowest turret of all AA’s close to the BR it is, god awful pen compared to all others. with the “1/2 rounds downrange” then im fine if the ostwind 2 gets a 1AP, 1HE belt.