Optional Historical Matchmaking in RB

TLDR: Add an option like the “Join already active battles” toggle that prioritizes the old style historical matchmaking in Realistic for low-mid Rank/BR vehicles.

Obviously there is a love/hate debate over the old style of historical team matchmaking in RB, but hear me out on this one: As someone who prefers playing in the WWII era vehicles (under 7.0BR) I really miss the historical matchmaking and the subsequent gameplay aspect/team strategy of playing to the strengths/weaknesses of the opposing teams vehicles. Apart from the very rare matches like Air RB USA v Japan in the Pacific, every game is mixed. This has lead to RB feeling much more arcady, less teamwork, and more reliance on vehicle metagaming. I know Sim is there, which is fun at times, but I much prefer that middle ground RB used to provide.

I suggest adding an option like the “Join already active battles” toggle that prioritizes historical matchmaking like it used to be. Thus the players who want the historical team matchmaking back and are willing to wait longer for a game can do so at will. This may also be better/easier implemented if there’s a BR or Tier cutoff at which it would no longer have an effect, for obvious reasons.

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Requires a lot more work for balancing to be useable, or else everyone just uses Tiger 2’s…

So no, not with the current BR/Spawn point systems

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Pretty sure hes talking about historical nation matchups.

(So US vs Japan, etc)

Instead of the more mixed nation MM we have rn.

Although i like the idea you might consider to rephrase your suggestion as imho there is a need to clarify some terminologies:

  1. Historical MM: Vehicles that actually fought each other like in WW 2
  2. Semi-historical MM: Basically the old “axis vs allies” world
  3. Mixed MM: Certain nations are in both teams

Your proposal looks like option #2, so in order to avoid confusion, it looks like you should clarify this.

On top of that:

Your statement (=quote) is technically seen not correct, as matches on Pacific maps are always JP vs US/UK. Depending on daytime and server (=very few players) the MM is still creating axis vs allies lobbies - so in very small lobbies (like 6 vs 6) you have GER & IT fighting US & UK. The whole Ju 288 “black hole” issue is & was based on this…