Option to tab out of the Nuclear explosion

Come on Gaijin, give us an option to tab out of enduring the stupid nuclear explosion and the subsequent Geiger counter after effect in the hangar.

After you have seen it a few times, it becomes tedious having to wait for the animation to end.

I put in a suggestion on the old forums, but like most it just disappeared.


I second this, although it’s fun and a “hey congrats on the great accomplishment” moment, it’s boring after it happens a few times, and not very fun to sit through the same (poor looking) animation of the explosion.


I’ve just decided to leave the game before the bomb drops, unless I’m in a plane and it’s and enemy nuke bomber.

was it approved?

I don’t see it often enough for it to bother me.

While animation goes, you can simply press escape and return to hangar. There is already a feature that doesn’t ask you “are you sure” when you press “return to hangar” during Nuke animation.

as he said, it works like a normal ending

No idea. It was submitted about week before the new forum.

I’ll try that.

Generation TikTok - Bothered by 10secs of boringness :D
But yeah, just press escape and “Return to Hangar”


I can see that the return to hangar option is available, which I use, but when I decide to switch countries, why am now stuck watching yet another not needed animation showing that a nuke strike occurred?