Option to hide or minimize Battle Score in HUD

With the “tools” bar being optional to hide in the user interface, same could be implemented with the battle score, especially when the new one has extra animations making it just more of a distraction. Or at least bring back the more minimalistic battle score. Current one covers a significant portion of the upper center part of the screen.

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I would like the ability to “re-size” and move as many of the HUD/UI “modules” as we could get. I have different systems that I use, all with different size/style of monitors. What works well on one may not on the other. The ultra wide has more room at the sides, while the 2 16:1 ratio have more top & bottom space. Many things overlap at times and I would like to have the mini map in the same place regardless of what mode I playing. And adjust it’s size so I can see/use it better. Little things to some, but at times can be important in blocking your field of view while playing . . . . Someone should suggest that . . .

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I wish I could have the aircraft hud closer to my aircraft. Playing on ultrawide, the aircraft hud is way out at the left where it takes actual deliberate decision to check things like airspeed, etc.

While on the aircraft HUD topic. Aircraft flap status should be optional to display at all time. Just so annoying to gamble if plane got flaps deployed or not, when they’re sometimes really difficult to see. And a quick tap on flaps key can just make them instantly disintegrate.

I think if you set it to Fullscreen or Full Windowed it moves all that out to the edges, which is a lot better then the imaginary border. Unfortunately, this also makes where you can’t move your mouse to a second monitor(I use 2 and sometimes 3 monitors even while I am playing) and I can’t work with that at all. You might try it and see if it is worth the trade off to you. I’m not all that picky and can generally work with whatever, but I don’t think it hurts to ask sometimes . . . . lol