Option to Choose Between Small and Big Maps for GRB and GSB


Many players have noticed that in top tier ground battles almost every map is around 1x1km or 2x2km, it’s not an issue on lower tiers where players are less skilled, there are no thermal sights, laser range finders and tanks are way slower, but when it comes to Top Tier Ground Realistic & Simulator battles the maps are just too small, gameplay isn’t very player friendly, it becomes some kind of Call Of Duty game between tanks.

Gaijin has said many times that community is divided between players who want to play on small maps (ex. 1x1km/2x2km maps like Sun City) and players who want to play on bigger maps (ex 3.5x3.5km/4x4km maps like Eastern Europe or Big Variant of Tunisia Map). I’m aware there are people who want to play quick games which are not very realistic.
That’s why I want to suggest to add an option that will make you play on small maps or big maps ONLY (not like it is with current option for Night Battles, where you have very low % to get into night battle).

This option would fix lot’s of problems with matchmaking and it would make pretty much every player happy.

There would be no need to implement new maps to the game, there are already some bigger maps that can be used like Sands Of Tunisia, Sands Of Sinai, Fulda and Second Battle Of El Alamein that can be rarely seen in Ground Simulator Battles.

I hope developers will consider adding such option as a part of 2024 roadmap.


War Thunder’s maps are too small for high tier. Restrict smaller maps to the Arcade game mode.

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Disagree. Variety is what keeps the game ingeresting. I like to have both. More filters like this only make the Mm take longer

That was a rather dumb comment.
What about those who play top tier in arcade?
Maybe you should limit yourself to only suggesting changes to the game mode(s) that you play.

How does Arcade’s map size matter? Players are auto spotted.

No not really. It depend on lost of factors, like distance line of sigth, movement etc.
It’s possible to “hide” in arcade.

Hiding is dictated by full cover, this isn’t due to distance.

Many people can’t understand that, especially on forum.

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Lmao. Vamilad gets salty after his thread got closed and decides to necro a bunch of map threads.
Actual child-like behavior

The single greatest issue with Ground battles currently is the size of maps. All other issues stem from this problem.

Abrams balance? Can’t use its turret armor because everything is CQC.

Russia balance? Can’t exploit their poor gun depression because everything is CQC.

SPAA effectiveness? Can’t move to a safe location as an SPAA to engage air targets then also reposition to avoid multiple planes engaging you.

CAS effectiveness? You can’t bomb 5 players with 1 bomb if they’re spread out.

Heavy tanks ineffective? Armor increases with distance.

Light tanks too easily destroyed? Can’t use them for flanking if everything is CQC and you can’t exploit their mobility.

First it was about repair costs, now it is about size of the maps, what will be next?

I remember people leaving the game when first maps like sands of sinai were introduced or el alamain. Now many people will leave big maps after dying in a tank with first spawn as they don’t want to drive for another 2 minutes just to get to the cap.

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Gaijin fixed repair costs lol

People leave after 2 minutes because they don’t want to die to CAS.

What maps are so large people leave? The only one new that is actually large is expanded Tunisia and most of its problems stem from spawn placement rather than size.

The only map I’ve ever been annoyed to play is Red Desert because the map has almost no flow, but at 11.3 I’ll play it happily over Berlin.

Pradesh is a CQC map masquerading as a large map. One of the spawns has to move out from behind two bridges leaving their flanks open. The other is railroaded in to driving down one of two narrow roads.

That is why I said that it was

Maybe, we can’t be sure about that as previously everyone was sure about it being because of repair costs and nothing really changed.

Volokolamsk was one of the most terrible maps

The problem is not about the maps but about whole gameplay made around capping zones. Because no matter how big map is going to be, You always should go for the cap, so there is no difference between big and small map.

It most certainly changed for me. No, premium users aren’t going to suddenly have more than one vehicle. ODL is majority a premium user problem.

Having an area to dictate the flow of battle isn’t an inherent negative. Gaijin could offset cap zone locations rather than always having them in a line offering legitimate flanking opportunity. They could also develop game modes that remove cap zones altogether. Cap zones aren’t an excuse for small maps.

Advance gamemode was a step in good direction, but it was abandoned