Option on/off switch for 1 v 1 nation for Ground RB/Air RB

What do you guys think about bringing back the good old 1 nation vs 1 nation like the good old day? Like when Japan faced the US over the Pacific in Air RB. Played since 2015 in Playstation as a US/German main, 2016 on PC mostly Japanese main and really enjoyed a full team of 1 nation vs the other. I miss it a lot, but would also like it if was doable for ground RB.

My idea is having an on/off switch as an option so people won’t suffer with queue time. I always see a pure amount of German vehicles with maybe 1 Japanese player in the team, 1 or a few British or half is German and other half is Russia vs the other team being half USA with a small number of other nations. It nice to have diversity but every once in a while would love to be in a team full of Sweden tanks only or a full fledge flock of zeros doing baby CAS and taking care of the skies and a heard of Chi-To tanks in GRB. Basically how it works, we will still get that normal match of how it currently works but will now also get the 1v1 if the matchmaker finds a group of players who plays that nation you are on and has in switched on.

There might be issues for top tier balance since some might be lacking CAS options or working/effective SAMs likethe Strela or Type 81 C or Pantsir S-1. But can have the 1 vs 1 option off to avoid such challenges. I like challenges.

-Can get accurate Data of each nation win rate
-Can make balanced adjustments for certain vehicles/Br change with accurate data
-Able to see what vehicles are critically needed for next updates to improve the tech tree
-Smaller nations have a chance to show off what they can do
-makes it challenging for those who want a challenge
-off/on switch to make it optional

-Might cause balance issues of certain nations lacking some needed vehicles to compete
-Nations lacking better SPAAG/SAM might struggle a bit
-Certain nations lack CAS so won’t get that support from the other nation that’s loaded with CAS
-Might be overwhelming seeing pure heavies vs a nation with lots of light/medium tanks

Any thoughts?

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I would be for it, but with the snails abandoning the balance between nations and moving to the “major/minor” concept, a number of battle ratings for some countries will be physically unplayable. Unless for air battles this will not be such a significant problem.

I miss those days too – one of the real enjoyments I got from the game, but I can’t really see it coming back with 10 different nations now.

Recently I had started getting the US/UK vs Japan pacific maps again (AirRB) and was initially excited, but then they turned out to be mostly 6v6 or 7v7 matches which are generally terrible with the unbalanced vehicle line ups that occur (e.g. one side all single-engine fighters and the other side 3 bombers, 2 attackers and one fighter, or some variation like that).

I absolutely agree, but unfortunately this would mean longer queue times, which is a big ‘no’ from Gaijin.

I just hate queueing up with Japanese planes just to fight against the Germans over Spain…

which is why i said should still find normal matches and will also search for other players that have it switched “on”. Depending who it finds first. So basically it shouldn’t mess with the Queue time at all. Well, thats just my solution on avoiding longer queue time.

I want this for naval RB the most.
PS maybe Gaijin will start to balance certain ships.

yeah good idea top tier ground Sweden VS USSR i want to drink blood of Russian mains

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Would be nice, but as you know que times for unpopular nations will increase if they get a look in at all